• ANNOUNCEMENT: Eleven Tsuki Disbandment

    As of today, 31 January 2017, Eleven Tsuki will officially disband.

    I came to this decision after many long and drawn out discussions with Jane and a few other members. Most of us shared the same opinion and there were few conflicts, but it was decided – as editor-in-chief and main overseer of the website for the longest time, the final decision would rest on my shoulders.

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  • Watching Yuri!!! On ICE From A Media Student’s Point Of View (Part 2)

    Disclaimer: This is the second part of this series and it covers a few other things that has been brought up in Celebrity Culture (click HERE to read)

    1. Fragmented image

    What does it mean? Well, a celebrity has an image to uphold but most of the time it may not be the true self of that individual. When Yuuri did Eros, both Victor and Nishigori noted this point by saying that it is another image of Yuuri. Many has known him for the insecure skater he is but in this particular program, we see the more confident side of him. Now, the question is which one’s the real Yuuri? Hard to say because both are him.

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  • Manga Review: Uchi no Maou Kamimasen Yo

    Author: Otousan
    Volumes: 4 
    Chapters: 39
    Status: Completed
    In a world where people have supernatural creatures as pets, a certain family has a pet demon-lord Satan. The main carer of Satan is the son, Yuuhei. From initially coaxing the new Satan out of his pet-carrier, to walking him, playing with his ball, and keeping him from fighting with the neighbor’s pet Hero, this is the comedic story of a boy and his Satan. (Source: MU)

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  • Anime Review: Uta no Prince-sama (Season 1-4)

    Adapted from a game of the same title 
    Studio: A-1 Pictures
    Genres: Otome, Idol, Music
    Number of episodes: 52 (Season 1-4) + 1 OVA


    In the beginning of the series, we follow Nanami Haruka as she aspires to become a composer. Here, we see how she overcomes her insecurities and grow not just as a composer but as a person as well. Throughout her journey, she has been surrounded by wonderful idols who has provided her with the much emotional support to her music career and she in return has given them the music that is precious to all of them.
    From the school lives of STARISH to their debut, the series also follows STARISH’s growth as an idol through the meetings and encounters with many people around them. As the series progress, they learn and grow from those people who they have met, including: Nanami Haruka, Quartet Night, their teachers and even Heavens!

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  • Nintendo Switch Breakdown

    Nintendo Switch – the long awaited baby of Nintendo is finally hitting shelves March 2017. Gamers everywhere are pretty hyped up about this new console, not only because its Nintendo’s new console, but because its a breath of fresh air to the console market.

    If you haven’t heard of it yet, Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console that plans to link the bridge between home consoles and portable consoles. Imagine it as a Gameboy designed to be plugged into the TV easily but also could become on-the-go at a moments noticed.

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  • MAGICKA 2: A Review

    Continuation of Magicka 

    Developed by: Pieces Interactive
    Genres: Magic, Adventure, Co-op, Comedy, Action
    Platform:  PS4 and PC
    Minimum requirements:

    • OS: Windows 7, 8 or 10
    • Processor: CPU: 3GHz Dual Core (Intel Pentium G3220 or higher / AMD A4-4000 or higher)
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 550 or better / ATI Radeon HD 5850 or better
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card

    Price: Steam Prices – RM31 (Additional DLC not included)


    The world’s most irreverent co-op action adventure returns! In the next chapter of Magicka, players ascend from the ruins of Aldrheim to experience a Midgård almost wiped free of Wizards after the Wizard Wars, with the few that do remain having either gone mad or extremely hostile toward all others.

    To rid the world of evil, again, up to four Wizards, and their guide Vlad, will traverse Midgård armed with the next iteration of the famous Magicka dynamic spellcasting system, as players reprise their roles as the most overpowered, unpredictably funny Wizards ever known to fantasy!

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  • Watching Yuri!!! On ICE From A Media Student’s Point Of View

    Hello everyone! In this post, I will be looking at Yuri!!! on ICE and compare it with some of the communication theories I’m familiar with, including Celebrity Culture.

    Celebrity Culture has always been a fascinating thing that we consume daily and one of the activities we do is idolize our celebrities. In their studies, Engle and Kasser (2005) reported that celebrity idolization can be disregarded as a harmless hobby among the fans that has taken place for quite some time.

    However, they also pointed out that this remarkable behaviour is something that researchers could look into. It can also be regarded as a leisure activity and somewhat of an interest for fans towards their favourite celebrity. Likewise, our protagonist Katsuki Yuri has also admired Victor Nikiforov as a fan.

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  • 7 Mangas You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Before

    The manga and anime community is now so large that a lot of mangas become so cliche, you feel like you’re just reading the same thing over and over again. They have the same plot and the characters’ personalities are all pretty much the same too.

    However, there are  some mangas out there that are unique and original, but they are not known by a lot of people. Here are 7 of them.

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