10 Reasons Why Usui Takumi Is The Perfect Boyfriend

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Warning: This post contains spoilers


We all have our favourite type of anime boys. Nathalie is obsessed with the bad-ass take on knights in shining armour. Jane totally loves tsundere/gentle giants (in regards to their abilities, not size). Hayley just loves guys with blue/green eyes and blonde hair and who is smart sometimes a bit devilish. But we all (and you too!) still gotta admit that Usui Takumi is a fine piece of work.

For those unfamiliar with this character, he is the male protagonist of the popular shoujo manga and anime, Kaichou wa Maid-sama. He is first introduced as the most good-looking, smart and athletic boy in Seika High. His personality is rather passive and patient, preferring to observe instead of taking any action. However, he began to have more emotions after beginning to date Ayuzawa Misaki (female protagonist) and was shown to be willing to do anything for her.

In the manga and anime, we get to witness many (as Hayley would put it) “moe moe” moments between Takumi and Misaki; moments that make us wish that we were the ones on the receiving end of Takumi’s love. Unfortunately, we can’t do anything about that, so we made a list to suppress all the feels (for now). At the end of it, maybe you’ll figure out why so many people consider him to be the perfect boyfriend.



1. He is protective

Even though it is said that he has quite a laid back nature, that does not mean that he will just stand by and watch when you are in danger. In fact, you can count on him to protect you, in the coolest way possible. (Plus point: He always wins in the end)


2. He is extremely talented (in every way possible)

At first, you know him as someone with amazing grades. Then, he surprises you by showcasing his cooking talents.If you’re still not surprised, he demonstrates an impressive ability in combat. Then he whips out a musical instrument and begins playing it perfectly. There is no telling what else this epic person can do.


3. He will put up with your flaws (and may even find them cute)

Even though some of your flaws may be unbearable to some, Usui can not only tolerate them, but also may think of them as pretty cute. It’s not easy to find guys like those these days. (y)


4. He looks frickin’ great in everything (including cosplay, kyahh!)

Even though characters in anime and manga are typically drawn to look their best in almost anything, there is just nothing that Usui Takumi can’t rock. Heck, he even looks good in his school uniform; even more so in cosplay!


5. He is not shy when it comes to affection

He can be a little devil, and what girl can resist a bad boy? Whether it be jumping off a building or kissing you out of the blue, he will provide. It is hard to tell what is going on his mind, so it’ll definitely be a surprise when it happens.


6. He knows how to make an entrance

Nothing boring about this man here. Not only does this add to his “knight in shining armor” persona,
what sort of man would go this far for his girl? Answer: Very few, Usui being one of the rare few (and without him, we wouldn’t have such perfect moments like these!)


7. You are the most beautiful girl in his eyes

They say that the way a guy looks at a girl determines whether he loves her or not. To think that Usui, who is usually so emotionless and cool, can show emotions like this for only you and no one else, it makes you feel like you are the most beautiful girl in the world.


8. He doesn’t like to share

He wants you as his own, and he’s not willing to give you up to anyone else. This selfishness is cute, if not really sexy. It is just different when a guy wants you, as opposed to when they’re merely interested in you.


9. He is smooth as heck

He could make anyone blush, with the words that come out from his mouth. Even though those lines would usually be called cheesy or corny, when he utters them it only causes the person on the receiving end to melt into a puddle of feels. Tell me that isn’t smooth.


10. Because he is a perverted outerspace alien extraordinaire.

(He even looks cute with a chibi face!)



Have we missed out anything? Share with us in the comments below what you love the most about this perfect shoujo manga hero!



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