15 Things You Should Know About Overwatch

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15 Things You Should Know About Overwatch

Serious question: Is there really anyone left in this community who doesn’t know anything about Overwatch? Even if you’ve only heard it’s name, seen some fan art, haven’t heard from your friends in 8 days… (No joke, it is really that addictive.) Well, whether you know it or you don’t, we’ve got you covered. Let’s begin!

1. Overwatch was released by Blizzard on 24 May 2016 for the PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.

Within a month, the game amassed over 10 million registered players across the globe. That’s two times the population of the entire country of Singapore.


2. It is a 6 vs 6, team-focused First Person Shooter.

The game is designed to focus more on team play rather than individual kills, which is why victory is determined by the achievement of objectives – either Capture The Point or Escort The Payload – rather than number of kills in each match. This is also why the game doesn’t feature any single player campaigns nor death matches (except for the competitive play, which is a butt ton of drama).

Bonus: The magic number 6  was chosen because the developers determined it to be the most effective number. Anything more than 6 and the players wouldn’t feel the impact of their actions on the team. Anything less than 6 and the match would end too quickly, and blame would be too easily assigned.

3. It has already overtaken League of Legends in Korean net cafes as the most popular game. Which country next?

Overwatch is the first game in four years to overtake LoL’s longstanding popularity among Korean cafe patrons, with the game being the choice for more than 30% of patrons, easily beating LoL’s 27.8%. Considering this is coming from the country that has won the League of Legends World Championship 3 out of 5 times, we think that means Overwatch has the potential to become bigger than we could ever imagine.


4. Overwatch was originally inspired by Titan, an MMO that Blizzard was working on in 2007.

Titan was cancelled in 2014, for the main reason of being “not fun” enough. As such, Overwatch was created for the sole purpose of being incredibly fun, with unlimited ammo, no death penalties, etc.


5. There are 21 unique heroes to choose from, and more on the way!

Some emphasis on the word “unique”, because where else would you find a cyborg ninja, a peg-legged pyromaniac, and a time-jumping ex-pilot all in one game? Each hero is completely different from one another, and that is one of the reasons why fans are so invested in the game. These heroes are split into 4 classes – Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support – and require varying levels of skill to play well.


6. The game is available in three editions – Overwatch, Overwatch: Origins Edition, Overwatch: Collector’s Edition.

Overwatch is the base game, which can only be bought online and costs $39.90. Origins Edition and Collector’s Edition are available offline and costs $59.90 and $129.90 respectively. The extra money you pay for the Origins Edition goes to extra skins and Overwatch-themed content for other Blizzard games. Collector’s Edition comes with the game’s soundtrack, full-colour art book, and a bronze statue of the hero Soldier: 76.


7. “Overwatch” is actually the name of an international taskforce created at the behest of the United Nations…

…in the game universe, of course. The universe is set sixty years into the future, where thirty years ago, robots took over the world. Overwatch, consisting of “scientists, soldiers, adventurers, and oddities”, was formed to participate in the war that would eventually result in mankind’s favour. However, five years ago from (in-game) present day, Overwatch was disbanded and the world became a darker place. That’s where you step in.

(Read more lore here.)


8. The game offers a total of 6 game modes.

They are Practice Range (to hone your skills or test out new heroes), Practice VS A.I. (to try out different maps and become accustomed to new heroes), Quick Play (to play against other players of your skill level), Custom Game (to tailor your matches according to specific preferences), Weekly Brawls (experimental matches with rules that change every week), and finally, Competitive Play (like Quick Play, but play to work your way up the ranks).


9. There are 12 maps in the game, (almost) all based off real-life locations.

Their names are Temple of Anubis (Egypt), Hanamura (Japan), Volskaya Industries (Russia), Watchpoint: Gibraltar (Gibraltar, which is an actual place), Dorado (Mexico), Route 66 (America), Lijiang Tower (China), Ilios (possibly Santorini Island), Nepal (duh, Nepal), King’s Row (United Kingdom), Hollywood (America), and Numbani, the only completely fictional location.


10. There are SO many unlockables. 

Every time you advance to a new level, you will be gifted a Loot Box which contains four random unlockables ranging from skins, sprays, portraits, poses, voice lines, etc. for different characters. You can also purchase Loot Boxes and/or coins to unlock more things, and frankly, it’s hard to resist.


11. The controls in Overwatch are fully customisable for each hero.

If you’re a player, you can access the menu under Options > Controls where you can change the controls for all heroes or for each individual hero. Some heroes in particular have settings that are unique to them, and are worth tweaking around to see if it improves your game. We recommend turning on Kill Feed Display and Allied Health Bars.

(More tips here and here.)


12. Each hero has a unique ultimate ability that can change the entire course of the match.

Junkrat has a rip-tire, Mercy can revive her teammates, Hanzo has humongous twin spirit dragons… well, obviously some are more damaging than others, but a well-timed (or well-combined) ult can change everything. Or as I just made up on the spot: “To master a hero, one must be sure to master their ult.”


13. The youngest hero is D.Va at age 19, and the oldest hero is Reinhardt at age 61. 

So if you’re wondering why there’s so many “Fullmetal Grandpa” and Happy Family memes (including dad Soldier: 76 and mama Mercy)…


14. Overwatch heroes are not only unique in appearances and abilities, they are also multicultural!

Mei, a fan favourite, is Chinese. Hanzo and Genji are ninjas from Japan. Zarya is Russian. Symmetra is Indian, and Winston is a gorilla? Their voice lines also match up with their cultural backgrounds, so don’t be surprised if Mei suddenly bursts into Chinese dialogue, or Zarya shouts something in Russian mid-game.


15. And lastly, you can switch heroes as many times as you want during a match.

Unlike other games, you’re not locked into one hero per match. In fact, you’re encouraged to change your hero multiple times to suit the map, the opposing team, and your level of skill. Just like your ult, the right choice of hero can change the entire game.


Know more about Overwatch now? We hope so, and even better if you are intrigued enough to buy this amazingly fun game! You can find more information about it in the links below:

Official Website: https://playoverwatch.com

Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OverwatchSEA

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/PlayOverwatch

Official Unofficial Wiki: http://overwatch.wikia.com/wiki/Overwatch_Wiki

And if you have any suggestions on other games you’d like us to cover, leave a comment below! We appreciate it!

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