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Anime Review: Uta no Prince-sama (Season 1-4)

Adapted from a game of the same title 
Studio: A-1 Pictures
Genres: Otome, Idol, Music
Number of episodes: 52 (Season 1-4) + 1 OVA


In the beginning of the series, we follow Nanami Haruka as she aspires to become a composer. Here, we see how she overcomes her insecurities and grow not just as a composer but as a person as well. Throughout her journey, she has been surrounded by wonderful idols who has provided her with the much emotional support to her music career and she in return has given them the music that is precious to all of them.
From the school lives of STARISH to their debut, the series also follows STARISH’s growth as an idol through the meetings and encounters with many people around them. As the series progress, they learn and grow from those people who they have met, including: Nanami Haruka, Quartet Night, their teachers and even Heavens!

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