7 Anime Husbando Recommendations


7 husbando recommendation

Anime has always been a gift that keeps on giving. Sometimes it’s good music, touching stories, but undoubtedly, their most important gift to us has been… you guessed it, Husbandos! With so many husbandos for us to choose from, where do we even begin? Which one will we ever settle on? Here are 7 of my top picks!

1.  Usui Takumi from Kaichou wa Maid-sama


I could go on and on about why Usui is a perfect pick for a husbando. He is cute, talented and is JUST SHINING! He is basically a knight in a shining armor who will protect you. His green eyes are able to pierce through your heart and his actions and his words are able to smooth out even the rockiest of roads. He is also rich, and is a fine piece of work. Nathalie even did a whole post just on him alone before!

2. Sebastian Michaelis from Kuroshitsuji


A literal devilish person that is heartless and ruthless. There are many reasons why so many people pick Sebastian as their number one husbando (and I am no exception). First of all, he looks fine as hell (no pun intended) and does everything perfectly. He is able to charm any woman, even a nun with his luring words.

Sebastian is also able to bake, cook, garden, hunt, act, perform, speak fluently in multiple languages, dance, murder and everything that a butler has to know to run a household perfectly. Oh, did I mention that he is a lover of cats? No? Well, he is! A huge one at that! He loves all kind of cats and that includes tigers.

3. Levi Ackerman from Shingeki no Kyojin 


Though short in height, do not underestimate the Leader of the Special Operations Squad and humanity’s strongest soldier. For one thing, Levi cleans really well. I mean REALLY REALLY WELL. Known as a neat freak, Levi prefers to keep his surrounding environment clean and he looks quirky and adorable when seen with his “cleaning” bandana and mask.

He looks emotionless, blunt, has a strong glare and has a dark sense of humor, but he does however, place great trust in his subordinates and care for their welfare. Don’t forget that he is able to take down Titans and has at least taken down more than 33 alone.

4. Tamaki Suoh from Ouran Highschool Host Club


Rich, handsome, princely, ‘fatherly’ and talented. Tamaki is like Usui but more expressive and ridiculous. Tamaki is fun to be with, often showing exaggerated, childish actions that annoys and amuses those around him. He is able to charm ladies with shameless flattery and is amazed at anything “commoner”. Despite his behavior, he is actually quite smart, ranking second in his grade even though he does not put in much effort when it comes to studying.

Tamaki is also able to play the piano as he started learning to cheer up his mother when she is sick. He is serious when is needed and has great faith in his friends. And apparently from my observation, Tamaki does like to dress up or would you call it as cosplay? This comes from him making the club members wear ridiculous costumes. Not that I am complaining.

6. Hatake Kakashi from Naruto


If you have ever heard about Naruto, you would have probably heard about the great Kakashi. He had a very troubling past where his mother died early, his father committed suicide, his best friend died (or so he thought), he could only save his team mate by killing her, and his mentor died saving the village. Kakashi got his nickname “Copy Ninja Kakashi” as he possessed a sharigan which led him to copy over a thousand jutsus, earning him his nickname.

Despite his aloof and bored expression, he cares deeply about his comrades and is dead serious during important missions and situations. He also has a love for the Icha Icha series, which is an ecchi book and is often seen with it.

Kakashi has a soft and emotional side, is naturally calm and composed although, when provoked, he can go on a blood-thirsty rampage against his enemy. He was also a child genius, having been promoted as a Jonin at a young age. As an adult, he was still remarkable as he later became the 6th Hokage, surpassing Tsunade. So if you are looking for a husbando with a troubling past and that can come rescue you, Kakashi is probably the one for you.

7. Tachibana Makoto from Free!


Tall, muscular, with spectacular looking abs, the sweet and gentle guy Makato may be the one for you. Makato is always seen with a gentle smile on his face, and is one of the most sensible ones among his friends. He is the closest to Haruka and knows what the latter is thinking, but he is also the one restraining him from diving into fish tanks. Even though gentle Makato is well, gentle, he can also manipulate Haruka into doing his bidding by using his love of water against him.

He is also quite well, cowardly, as he scares easily and clings to Haruka when it happens. An utterly sweet, dependable, helpful and strong guy, he is perfect as a husbando or even as a waifu (???)

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