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Note: This post will be focusing on the stage activities that happened on Day One. If you’re more interested in Day Two, follow this link.


It is probably safe to say that Animangaki is the second largest ACG event in the whole of Malaysia, and needless to say, we had a great time there! However, we didn’t just splurge on merch and check our cosplayers the whole time. We also made the foot of the stage our second home :p

10:00am – Animangaki Day One start!
The stage was behind us when we took this photo.
At this point, the first performance of the day (and the entire event as well!) was setting up.

10:15am – The Crestfall 

This wasn’t the first time The Crestfall performed at Animangaki. The band, made up of vocalist Minori, drummer Chrysler, lead guitarist Daniel Loo, rhythmic guitarist Rain Ice, keyboardist Joee Joe, and sessionist bassist Taro (regular bassist being Dustin Saw), has been performing for AMG (if I’m not mistaken) since 2012.
You can check out their performance that day here.

11:00am – Fantasy

After such an exciting opening by The Crestfall, things went on a more mellow trip with Fantasy’s performance. They weren’t kidding during the briefing when they said she was a very talented girl. Her voice is so smooooth and sooooothing; you can check out her Youtube channel here!

11:45am – Animenz Concert Preview

Probably the highlight of our day was Animenz’s Concert Preview. We were awestruck at the talent that was before us, and it was a totally different experience from listening to his Youtube videos. Those who weren’t familiar with his work before this would definitely be converted into fans after hearing his mini performance.

We even got his autograph later!

– Lunch Break –

1:00pm – Animangaki Idol Preliminaries

As with every year, contestants go through an audition before the event. Those that pass that audition are divided into groups for Day One preliminaries. The best singer from each group will proceed to Day Two’s finals. There is also a wild card finalist chosen from those who didn’t make the initial cut.


Honestly, there were some performances that really made us wince, but we think the judges made the right decision in the end. To skip forward to the finals on Day Two, you can follow this link.

2:45pm – Cosplay Competition Preliminaries

The cosplay competition was pretty impressive. More gundam than we were expecting (considering the theme for AMG14 was sengoku…), and loads of fighting skits which were expected. There were some that really shined though, and those would eventually go onto the finals.

4:00pm – Project Coser

This was the last stage event we stayed for. There were some technical difficulties, but they still pulled through valiantly! We don’t have a video for their performance, but you can check out their Youtube page.Check out our Facebook page for more photos and videos.

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