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Note: This post will be focusing on the stage activities that happened on Day Two. If you’re more interested in Day One, follow this link.


It is probably safe to say that Animangaki is the second largest ACG event in the whole of Malaysia, and needless to say, we had a great time there! However, we didn’t just splurge on merch and check our cosplayers the whole time. We also made the foot of the stage our second home :p

10:00am – Day Two start!

The energy was just as great as it was during Day One (Y)

10:15am – Sanoziro
The band experienced a few technical difficulties before going on stage, so the MCs kept the crowd busy. We didn’t mention the MCs a lot in our posts, but they did a really good job with making this event super fun! (Also, who doesn’t like free stuff?)

After a short while, Sanoziro finally took the stage.

One thing I just have to say: That is a rockin’ guitarist.
Sanoziro is actually a five-piece band consisting of vocalist Sora, lead guitarist Noah, guitarist Derrick, drummer L, and bassist Muz. However, their bassist couldn’t make it, which made their performance sound a little off. Still, it served it’s purpose as an early morning energy boost for Day Two!


You can check out their Facebook page here.

– Lunch Break –

12:45pm – Stayxxxx Appearance!

Stayxxxx’s appearance marked the beginning of a super starstruck day for Jane and I. For those of you who don’t know who Stayxxxx is, she is a Taiwanese cosplayer, best known for her cosplay of Levi from Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack On Titan). During her time slot, we were lucky enough to get a spot right in front of the stage, because believe me when I say these girls are wild.

It was worth the lack of breathing room though, because she was right in front of us!!!
She was super nice about our paparazzi-ing, even willing to pose for us before her interview.


More pictures on our Facebook page


In her interview, she came across as really warm, friendly and down to earth.
The crowd was laughing along to the stories she told, though in all honesty,
she could have read the phone book and everyone would still be in awe.


We have transcribed the full interview for you guys, so please check it out!


What was super nice though, was taking a selfie with the crowd,
which was actually one of the most supportive crowds I have ever been a part of.


Spot any familiar faces? 😉
1:45pm – Cosplay Competition Finals

The panel of judges




Samurai Unicorn


Shinpi Monogatari
From the preliminaries, 4 finalists were chosen – team PKCC, KANA, Samurai Unicorn, and Shinpi Monogatari (click on the finalists’ names for a video of their skit). We would have recorded the entire finals personally if we could, because it was just filled with so many hilarious moments! ‘Sexy poses’ became a sort of ritual for every finalist at the end of their performance, that left the crowd roaring with laughter. But even without it, the performances/skits were really entertaining.


Wanna know the results? Skip to 5pm!

2:45pm – Surprise Performance???

Turns out the surprise performance was by one of the Animangaki Idol judges – Khor Bin Yun!
Watch her videos here and you’ll see why she is deserving of her place as a judge.

3:15pm – Animangaki Idol Finals

The panel of judges


From left: Venus, Ash Lufiende, Junnie, Johan Yusof, Kaoru

Unlike the Cosplay Competition Finals, we just couldn’t bear not recording at least a few performances from Animangaki Idol. All the contestants were good in their own right, but to us, there was a clear winner.


Wanna know the results? Skip to 5pm!

BONUS: Surprise Guest!!!

Here’s the second reason why we were so starstruck today. I’m still silently screaming as I type this!

Do you spot yourself?


If you don’t recognize this person, his name is Liui Aquino, and he’s a cosplayer from the Philippines.


He recently became uber famous for his cosplay of Hiccup from How To Train Your Dragon. Hence, the Toothless plushie he is holding in the pictures above. Though not as established in the Asian cosplay scene as Stayxxxx, he’s definitely going places with his cosplays; even if you just judge by the reaction of the crowd in Malaysia to his arrival.


He even did a “sexy pose” for us!!!

5:00pm – Nozomi Lucky Draw and Prize Giving Ceremony

We didn’t stay for this segment in Day One, but we felt that Day Two was a must.

After all, how else would we know who won the competitions?

To cut to the chase, the winner of the Cosplay Competition 2014 was…

Samurai Unicorn!

And the winner of Animangaki Idol 2014 was…

Ash Lufiende!

If you watched their videos earlier, you would be able to see how good they are to win. Unfortunately, it appeared that none of us at Eleven Tsuki were ‘good enough’ to win a smart phone from the Vivo lucky draw. Oh well, there’s always the next ACG event. :p

For more pictures and videos, check out our Facebook page.

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