Animangaki 2014 Master Post


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The people behind Eleven Tsuki (from left): Nathalie, Hayley, Jane

“Animangaki was abbreviated from the words:

                                                ‘Anime’, ‘Manga’, and ‘Gaki’ (the Japanese word for ‘brat’). “

It has been a while since the ElevenTsuki team attended an ACG event, and we’d like to thank the Animangaki committee for granting us Media (Jane & Nat) and Volunteer (Hayley) passes! It is because of these passes that all of us managed to be at the event, organized by a team of  wonderful ACG enthusiasts and supported by the SAYS Youth Society.

This year, Animangaki made a huge comeback with a whopping 11,500 attendees over the 2 days that it was held. Over those 2 days, we posted live updates from the event on our Facebook page, but we still kept much of it undercover for the big reveal! Now that it’s finally here, we don’t want our beloved readers getting lost, so here’s a list of all the posts related to Animangaki 2014:



You will be able to return to the Master Post at the end of each post. Enjoy reading!


With love,
the Eleven Tsuki team 🙂


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