Anime Review: Assassination Classroom S1 & S2


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Adapted from a manga by Yuusei Matsui of the same title 
Studio: Brain’s Base, Lerche
Genres: Action, Comedy, School
Number of episodes: 46 (S1 & S2)+ OVA


A monster of a teacher who blasted the moon from its original shape to its current permanent crescent shape. He (It) “challenges” the entire globe into a race against time. The task presented was to get Kunigigaoka Middle School’s 3E students to kill him before their graduation that takes place within the year after his assignment as their teacher. Dubbed as “Koro-sensei” by his students, it will be a battle to see who succeeds first..
However, despite Koro-sensei’s demonic attributes such as being able to travel at a speed of Mach 20, he is definitely a teacher that tops the charts of being one of the best teachers among other anime characters.

Main Characters: 

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P.S: Here is the full list of the characters, including the students and teachers of class 3-E


Overall Rating: 4 /5 moons




When your homeroom teacher is a monster who travels at top speed and has a knack of doing things, you are ensured to be able to have an exciting but dangerous final year of your middle school life.  Filled with action packed lessons (literally), your usual classes will not be so dull anymore.

Story – 8 /10

With much focus on the daily lives of the students at Kunigigaoka Middle School, the story illustrates how students are being stereotyped because of how they perform academically at school. To me, it is one of the series that somewhat reflects our society and much can be related to this. The viewers can see how badly the E class students were treated and how badly shunned they are because of that particular reason.

That being said, the arrival of the teacher who was indestructible and not to mention intelligent (and extremely perverted), brings a whole new dimension to the story. While focusing on their studies, the students too had to work hard on their mission. From learning how to be strong assassins to physical training, it was certainly a hectic year for our characters.

In the beginning of the review, I did mentioned that this story can be related to us and why is that so? As students, we all had a moment when we did not really enjoy our lessons and may have gone through failure at some point. Hence, it is refreshing to see this point of view being magnified within the series. From mundane things like classes to exams, the anime did certainly illustrate some things that students regularly go through, even though some can be overly dramatic.

Furthermore, the story also illustrated a teacher’s point of view. From here, you can see how Koro-sensei placed his all into teaching these students who were deemed failures, not just by others but also by themselves. He showed how the dedication of a teacher can be unlimited. Through the interactions between Koro-sensei and the students, it is heartwarming to see how they grew and learned from one another.

In general, the story itself is really funny and heartwarming at the same time. The comedy and drama elements really balance out one another. Oh, not to mention that it is also packed with feels as we, the viewers, can come across certain life lessons being portrayed throughout the series.

The students chasing after Koro-sensei

Character – 8 /10

For this series, there is so much that can be said about the character development. For this review, I will not focus too much on any characters in particular because there are way too many to write about. Hence, I will just talk about them in groups.

In the series, you can see that Koro-sensei is a teacher that is respected by other students. His dedication towards his students can be seen as he repeatedly emphasized on the importance of the students education. From the two pictures below, the readers can see how much he cares about their future.

Koro-sensei stating what's important Screenshot from an episode of Ansatsu Kyohitsu

Koro-sensei stating what’s important Screenshot from an episode of Ansatsu Kyohitsu S1

Koro-sensei emphasizing again the importance of education Screenshot from an episode of Ansatsu Kyohitsu S2

Koro-sensei emphasizing again the importance of education Screenshot from an episode of Ansatsu Kyohitsu S2

Aside from the two pictures shown, there are also other examples throughout the series that points to Koro-sensei being a really good teacher, regardless of who he teaches.

Furthermore, his  dedication has also touched me to a point that I kinda wished to be taught by such a teacher. This is because he not only educates his students at school, but he also teaches them to be better individuals outside the classroom. The students certainly changed in the good way after having to spend time with him. They certainly become successful individuals in their respective ways.

On the other hand, some of us can probably relate to the experiences that class 3E has gone through. The idea of being shunned by others because of achieving bad grades, as well as  the feeling of loneliness and helplessness in that situation. Each and everyone of them excels in certain skills and Koro-sensei helped them to exploit in their strengths.

What I think we could learn from them is that hard work and preservation is essential to push through tough situations. Another thing that I would like applaud the students of that class for is that they do not forget the things that their teachers have done for them and, in fact, repaid them through their successes.

Koro-sensei is not the only admirable sensei of the series. Arina-sensei, or also known as ‘Bitch-sensei’ among the 3E students and Karasuma-sensei as well as Yukimura-sensei are also the other teachers who did not give up on the students. These teachers showed passion towards their occupation and they put a lot of effort in helping the students when they given up themselves. These three teachers are the other teachers who I respect in the series.

Indeed, it is really heartwarming to see the bonds between students and teachers that are strong and unbreakable. Overcoming all odds, the students and teachers certainly learned from one another and changed from the better. (There are many more examples so do watch the series!)

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Visuals + Audio – 7 /10

Visuals are great. They may not be the most beautiful visuals but the visuals certainly fitted the school theme. In the opening and ending theme, this back-to-school theme can be seen clearly.

As for the music, it is really touching. If you notice the lyrics within each opening , there is some sort of a transition from the beginning to the end, a.k.a graduation. The ending themes are beautiful and full of feels. (T^T) My favourite song in the series is Bye Bye Yesterday as it illustrated how the students are moving forward in their own routes.


This series is another heart warming series to watch as it certainly touches several things that we personally experience as students. Furthermore, viewers can definitely relate to the students in several situations they faced, in terms of their education. After watching the anime, it made me want to be guided by such a good teacher too.

P.S: There are even games created for this series and real live adaptations too! There will even be a sequel movie coming up! 😀

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