ANNOUNCEMENT: Eleven Tsuki Disbandment

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As of today, 31 January 2017, Eleven Tsuki will officially disband.

I came to this decision after many long and drawn out discussions with Jane and a few other members. Most of us shared the same opinion and there were few conflicts, but it was decided – as editor-in-chief and main overseer of the website for the longest time, the final decision would rest on my shoulders.

To be honest with you, when Jane and I created this website, this was a day we never saw coming. Although, to be fair, we didn’t see a lot of things coming. We created this website for the pure purpose of self expression, simply to share our opinions and fangirl about anime together. None of us knew that it would become so much more than that.

The Eleven Tsuki that stands today is the result of four years of effort… as well as lack of effort. Now that we’re at this point, I realise that we could have reached here far sooner if only we had the smarts to do so, but we made a lot of mistakes along the way. Unfortunately, some mistakes are harder to recover from than others.

In the end, it was not one strand of straw that broke the camel’s back, but several. Lack of skill, lack of dedication, stagnancy, misaligned values… Many things that I realised couldn’t be fixed simply by trying harder. And so, it is with great regret that I made the decision to move on.

To those who greet this news with sadness, my thanks go out to you. As a creator, there is no greater praise than to have created something that people are sad to see go. I know, at least, that the bits of my heart and soul I have given to Eleven Tsuki across the years have meant something to somebody. That fact is enough to keep me going.

To my beloved team, we have been through a lot. To many of you, I know working on something like this was a whole new experience at first. But now, I see the skills you have grown and the potential you have created for yourselves. I hope, even after this, you won’t give up cultivating the seeds you’ve sown. Every single one of you has the capability; you should at least take it from your editor.

And lastly, to my dear friend Jane, this marks the end of our shared journey. It wasn’t the smoothest ride. More bumps than I would have liked, to be honest. But if you asked me: “Would I do it again?” My answer would always remain the same – Yes.

And in the end, isn’t that what matters the most?


For the very last time,

Co-founder and Editor-in-chief of Eleven Tsuki


  1. EO

    This is sad. 🙁 I really enjoyed the high quality work that this website had. Everything was good about your posts -visuals, content, writing!

  2. Jo

    Thank you guys and gals for the efforts in putting this blog up for others to read. I really loved your style of writing, esp when it comes to covering events, your team manage to capture the magical moments during the events (even though there are so much going on around you).
    Its sad to hear that the team won’t be around to keep us updated on what’s going on in the otaku world, but I thank you for the articles and stories, and wish the team best of luck in your future plans =)

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