Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! (Love, Chuunibyou & Other Delusions)


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Note: The following review was written a long time ago, before our migration to WordPress and when our reviewing skills were still noob-level. Apologies. 


Produced by: Kyoto Animation
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Fantasy, Slice of Life
Number of episodes: 13
Once a victim of chuunibyou AKA “eighth-grade syndrome”, high school student Yuuta Togashi wants to leave his embarrassing past behind and begin a new life in high school. Unfortunately, his “normal” life doesn’t last very long. His classmate Rikka Takanashi, a “current” chuunibyou victim, has found traces of residual symptoms in him and has used the fact to force Togashi into “making a contract” with her.

Main Characters:

Overall Rating: 4/5 moons




Story –  7.5/10

Characters – 8/10

Visuals + Audio – 9/10



Bless Kyoto Animation, they’ve done it again. In their history of slice of life anime, this is definitely one of their best. Even though it does seem very typical slice of life in the beginning, it later develops into something deeper; dealing with issues like relationships, the past, and chuunibyou/eighth grade syndrome itself. In fact, things that you wouldn’t expect such an anime to be covering. But that’s just one reason why I loved the series.

The story itself is unique. Even though there are series out there that have chuuni characters, I don’t think there is one that totally focuses on chuunibyou in its essence. What that means for this series is that there’s a lot of craziness and comedic moments related to chuunibyou, and there’s also super cool (but unfortunately, imaginary) ‘battle scenes’, where KyoAni really get to show off their animation skills. Those scenes almost make me wish they’d work on more action/fantasy anime instead of slice of life.


But besides that, it also means that the anime looks at the reasoning behind why chuunis do what they do, and how that affects their lives and the lives of those around them. Just for the record, none of the questions asked in this series come with straight answers. Most things will have to be deduced from the symbolism of the characters actions etc. Still, even if you don’t want to think too much, there is an overall satisfied and peaceful feeling that comes with finishing this series.

On the other hand, as with the other KyoAni slice of life anime, the best thing about this series is the characters. The individual character developments are quite strong, especially in the case of Nibutani and Rikka. The latter, especially, was quite a difficult character to decipher (what with the heavy chuunibyou influences), but with the help of Yuuta, her personality set up and later development became more evident over time.

Their relationship with each other, and the other club members, also eventually grew into one of mutual support. It’s actually those relationships between the main cast that is what makes the series so entertaining, not just from a comedic stand point, but also during the more emotional scenes. Overall, Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai! is officially on my list of “anime you cannot miss out on”. Not only was it constantly entertaining, it was also good down to all the technical bits. Recommend this, I will.


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