Comic Fiesta 2012 (Day 2) – Summary and Competition results

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Disclaimer: Apologies in advance for the low-res images. Unfortunately, we lost some quality when we were transferring over the data from our old website. 

This year, I decided to try my luck and apply to be a Blogger for Comic Fiesta, and then I was chosen! 😀 Much thanks to Wayne, who was the head of the department and the person in-charge of us (Photographers, videographers and bloggers).

I woke up at 5A.M. and met up with my friend to head to KLCC, I was soooo tired.

Reached the venue at 7:18A.M. After I collected my tag from Wayne, of course, I made good use of that tag I had which allowed me to enter halls from whichever door/direction I wanted.


At 8 A.M., the line outside the hall was halfway through the… line. (what?)
By 9 A.M., it was a full line down the whole walkway.


The Felynes were so hardworking!


The doors opened around 10 or so if I’m not mistaken.

The agenda on Day 2 goes like this.

1030 – Opening Ceremony
1100 – Performance – Flying Pan
1130 – Performance – Mystical Mirage
1200 – Performance – Raja Farouk
1230 – Cosplay Competition
1300 – Cosplay Competition
1330 – Stage Cooldown
1400 – Cosplay Competition (Round II)
1430 – Cosplay Competition (Round II)
1500 – Mandarin Comic Society
1530 – Bless4 – Meet and Greet
1600 – Bless4 – Meet and Greet
1630 – IAH Games
1700 – IAH Games
1730 – Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom
1800 – Counter Strike: Global Offensive – Tournament finals
1830 – Prize Giving
1900 – Prize Giving
1930 – Dance off – Deidara
2000 – Event Ends

Of course, to make sure that I didn’t miss out on things, I ran between halls during the performances! The ticketing hall (Hall 2) was packed and there were still people lining up. I pretty much expected it when Potter posted on Facebook that there were 25,000 attendees for the event!


ITS OVER 9000! 
(I had to. and no, not over 9000 in this picture.)


So, before the gates/doors were opened for the public to come into the exhibition hall, my friend – Matilda – and I decided to explore the place before it got too crowded. The first thing we saw when we entered the hall, was Danny Choo’s booth.
My cacated drawing, lol.
One of the official photographers, I totally forgot his name…



Good Smile Company had a booth! I bought my Moekana deck and booster pack from them 🙂
They had a VOCALOID nendoroid petite set on display.



Anyway, after the doors were opened, that was when I began to be busy running around. Though my camera battery was dying, I managed to snap quite a number of photos that I wanted/needed. Did miss out some though.
If you wanna know what exactly happened during the whole event when I was there, here:


By the time I managed to sit down and watch the Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom tournament from upstairs, I was dead tired.


Meanwhile, I decided to spell out my cosplay name with the Moekana.


And was super happy that I has a Domo-kun 😀

And the results for the competitions…
Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom (Sponsored by KDU, courtesy of Samsung)
2nd runner up: Keen Fai
1st runner up: Louis Tan (who was so good wth)
Winner: Aiman Azri (who was DAMN GOOD WTH)


Comic Fiesta Side Quest 2012 
Winner: Jonathan Tan
Prize: Life-time Comic Fiesta pass (Li-pass)


[Cosplay Competitions]
Best in Hall: Gundam Unicorn (EPIC. EPICCCC)
Best in LOL: Hard Gay
(the finalists were Rillakuma and Hard Gay, so it was Cute&Fluffy VS Horny&Salah?!
Best Group Cosplay: Team Gintama!
Best Craftmanship: Xemnas from Kingdom Hearts 3D – cosplayed by Irshad
The impressive craft he did was his hair. please refer to this post.
Best Costume: Father Leon Garcia De Asturias from Trinity Blood
Best Performance: Beatrice from Umineko – cosplayed by Junnie
Best Solo Cosplay: *jengjengjeng* Kyary Pamyu-Pamyu!


Counter Strike: Global Offensive
7th place: Vietname – 1st VN
6th and 5th place: Indonesia and Brunei – Team Gpr.BN
4th place: Thailand – Jynx Gaming
3rd place: Singapore – Flash Esports
2nd place: Malaysia – Orange Esports
1st place: Philippines – Team DC
Anyways, it was a very enjoyable event and I look forward to the one this year! I’ll definitely bring extra memory card and batteries, grr. If you haven’t read the previous posts, please do!
And I’ll see you around 😉


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