Cosplay Corner 2016: Day 1 & 2

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Last weekend, in a snug corner of Damansara Jaya, history was made. Brought to us by the organisers of 3DS Corner 2015 and 3DS Corner @ Comic Fiesta 2015, Cosplay Corner 2016 occupied the hall at KDU Damansara Jaya campus for the first time, promising its attendees “a gathering for the community, by the community”. And did they serve

Eleven Tsuki had the delight of attending the event as an Official Media Partner, and so, let us now share that experience with you!

Day 1

Cosplay Corner 2016 opened their doors to us at 10am. With all the vendors set up and the GG Twins raring to go, we knew we were in for something good. Still early in the day, the crowd trickled in at first and continued to grow for a few hours. Then the first performances of the day kicked in and things really began to get lively.

IMG_9073_Watermarked IMG_9166_Watermarked

Luna Lorrain is a professional musician, having performed violin on several international and local stages in the past. But that day, she made her debut performance in the ACG scene. Donning a Kaori Miyazono cosplay, she performed soundtracks from Shigatsu wa Kimi no UsoTokyo Ghoul, and Sword Art Online. You can bet it was a recipe for ‘feels’!

After her performance, we also got an interview with her! We asked her about her history as a musician, plans for the future, her favourite anime soundtrack, and more. [Coming soon!]

IMG_9194_Watermarked IMG_9196_Watermarked

Maybe nobody told us it was the day of debuts, because M’Moments also made their first full member performance debut that day! M’Moments is a cosplay dance group, currently focusing on µ’s from Love Live! They performed the song Start Dash and had every Love Live! fan in the room dancing along.

After that, the performers took a break as the event moved along to the next item on their roster. That is, the Cosplay Group Photoshoot. Themes for the group photo shoot were decided prior to the event and organised by different photographers. All cosplayers had to do was sign up and show up in theme!

Meanwhile, the Cupcat Studio photo booths remained busy throughout the entire event, with many photographers and cosplayers taking the opportunity to get some good shots in.

IMG_9215_Watermarked IMG_9220_Watermarked

Next, Tanoshi Photography – made up of Neko Pei, Kaori Lalachan, and John Liau – took to the stage for some fun and games! Cosplaying as Umaru and Taihei Doma, Neko Pei and Kaori reeled the audience in to partake in some charades and posing contests. It wasn’t long before the sounds of laughter could be heard; not only were the contestants having fun, but also the audience watching!

IMG_9243_Watermarked IMG_9275_Watermarked IMG_9328_Watermarked

At the same time, Kyrios’ Lighting and Photoshop tutorial was happening in another room outside the hall. He shared his personal editing process with the group, showing step by step how he transforms one of his images into the final product we get to see.

Following that, Angel held her Make-Up tutorial in the same room. She recreated a basic cosplay make-up look for her group, dropping tips along the way on how to tailor your make-up application to your facial features.

Finally, when we thought our feet were going to break from standing for so long, Day One capped off with the prize giving ceremony for the day.

Day 2

The second day of Cosplay Corner took off slightly later than planned, but it kicked off smoothly. When the doors opened, vendors were all ready and the crowd rolled right in. Despite a tiring and eventful first day, each volunteer greeted everyone with genuine welcoming smiles. Truly everyone looked like they were having fun.

The day started off with a panel on the Pokémon VGC (Video Games Competition). The ones giving the talk were the KL Raikous, Malaysia’s #1 Pokémon VGC team. They came onto the stage and talked about their personal experience competing in high stakes battles, and even went as far as to explain to the crowd the rules and formats of the game. I thought it was very insightful and interesting because I did not know much about the competitive aspect of Pokémon.

The team expressively wishes the community to grow bigger and receives more recognition from the public. But with the recent release of Pokémon GO the KL Raikous wishes to expand the community is not exactly that “Farfetch’d”. The panel ended with an exciting exhibition match between the Team members of KL Raikous, and boy, did it felt like a slug fest!


With the panel done and the crowd slowly massing in numbers, it was time for the guest performance by Suzuya Inami! She is actually one of the Top 12 contestants for this year’s Animangaki Idol! The crowd was cheering loud and proud for the aspiring young girl as she dance and sang her best to the hearts of many. This sort of supportive and welcoming community is truly what I loved the most about the event.

Up next was the second guest performance of the day from Kiseki•奇跡 the local cosplay dance group. The group really showed how in sync their dance moves were and showed a lot of enthusiasm towards the performance. The crowd also generally love the Love Live! cosplay done by each member of the group.

We interviewed them before the event, check it out here!

_MG_0030_Watermarked _MG_0043_Watermarked

As soon as the performance ended it was time for the next workshop which was done by Moon Art Studio, Shin. It was dedicated for aspiring photographers who wishes to improve their pictures with the help of the software Light Room. Not only was it very informative, but Shin also showed how even seemingly terrible pictures can be turned into something that looks professionally done.


Later in the day, Angel had another Make-Up tutorial just like on Day One.

Undeniably, however, the highlight of the day was the Cosplay Stage Competition. The rules were similar to regular cosplay competitions, with cosplayers presenting a skit within the time limit, using whatever props and sound effects they bring along.

_MG_0219_Watermarked _MG_0265_Watermarked _MG_0278_Watermarked _MG_0290_Watermarked _MG_0349_Watermarked

The competition was really amazing as many showed their crafts and enthusiasm in cosplay. The judges, too, were genuinely impressed by some of the contestants. Everyone cheered for their friends or just people who they just enjoyed the performance from. My personal favourite, though, was the Monster Hunter cosplayer!!!

We also interviewed the judges for the Cosplay Stage Competition! [Coming soon!]

After the competition, Nessarose had a small meet and greet at the Cup Cat Photobooth and there was another Cosplay Group Photoshoot similar to the day before. The event finally wrapped up with another round of prize giving.

3DS Corner 2016 + Pokémon GO Launch Party + Other Highlights!

Cosplay Corner is a gathering for Cosplayers and Photographers, but there was another sister gathering happening at the same venue and at the same time. I’m talking about the 3DS Corner, a gathering for all game lovers. The gathering was rather simple and homely; tables, chairs and even charging stations were set up to accommodate every type of gamer be it that you might be a hard-core one or just a casual one.

The set up was great for such a gathering and there was always room for new people to just drop by and play. Games such as Monster Hunter, Pokémon and even Smash Bros had their mini areas for people to just gather and play. Throughout the event, mini competitions were also set up for attendees to join in.

Although the gathering is generally more suited for Nintendo gamers, but everyone was welcome to join. It was quite an experience to connect with so many gamers.

IMG_9020_Watermarked IMG_9374_Watermarked

But I think the most exciting aspect of 3DS Corner this year was the Pokémon GO Launch party. It was only a few days after the launch of the app in Malaysia and everyone was playing it. The venue itself was in range of 3 PokéStops and the event organisers kept the lures up and going for the whole weekend. Moreover, with the Pokémon Sun and Moon giveaways they were doing, the Pokémon hype was very, very real.


Other than everything mentioned above, there were also many cool booths at the venue; mostly selling official and fan merch, just like you’d see at any other event. What was unique about this event was the Used Costumes Market, managed by Parallèle Paraíso, where cosplayers could leave their secondhand cosplay parts to be sold while they enjoyed the event. In a similar style, there was also a Used Games Market selling people’s secondhand games.

IMG_9051_Watermarked IMG_9377_Watermarked

There was also a booth where attendees could vote for the Cosplay Photography Competition. Winners would be decided by public vote, and the voting booth was open for both days! All the entries were truly amazing, some of them more artsy and some more classic. The winner was announced at the end of Day Two.

Besides that, there were even more game-related booths! There was the All Aboard Community Gaming Centre who, if you get the pun, were selling board games, Arena VR who was promoting Malaysia’s first Virtual Reality Game: D.U.K.E. Zombie Breakout, TappyMon which is a mobile game where you can evolve monsters and build the strongest team, and I think our personal favourite, Super Steampuff which is a vertical-scrolling, multiplayer shooter game.

IMG_9022_Watermarked IMG_9025_WatermarkedIMG_9008_Watermarked IMG_8977_Watermarked IMG_9007_Watermarked

After that weekend, we definitely came out of it feeling pleased. The event wasn’t large scale by any means, but it was relaxing and welcoming in a way that bigger events are not. Truly, as they promised, a “gathering” for community members to come together and have fun with friends.

From Eleven Tsuki to Cosplay Corner and 3DS Corner, we sincerely look forward to your future gatherings and what more you have for this great community.

MATA NE!!!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

(*cough* it means “see you later” *cough*)


Photo taken by Tan Choon Mun from Kuantan Coswalk

For videos of the stage events, check out Kuantan Coswalk

For cosplay videography, check out Skaterview Production and Rising Zilla

For some awesome cosplay photography we found, check out Alex Hoh, Chak Punn, and Tea Scissors‘ albums


Credit: Day 1 and Other Highlights written by Nathalie, Day 2 and 3DS Corner written by Joon-Keat

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