Fairy Tail: Houou no Miko (Priestess of the Phoenix)

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Note: The following review was written a long time ago, before our migration to WordPress and when our reviewing skills were still noob-level. Apologies. 


Original story from the Fairy Tail anime and manga series
Produced by: A-1 Pictures, TV Tokyo, Satelight, Dentsu, FUNimation Entertainment
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Shounen
Length: 85 minutes


The movie follows the sequence of events after the 7-year time skip. Lucy Heartfilia, a member of the wizard guild Fairy Tail, meets a mysterious girl named Eclair and her friend Momon, a strange bird. Eclair has somehow lost her memory, and the only thing she remembers is that she must deliver the “Phoenix Stone” that is in her possession to somewhere. Little do they know, this meeting is the start of a sinister plot that will confront Fairy Tail.

Main Characters: 

Momon (the bird) and Eclair
Lucy Heartfilia
Natsu Dragneel
Erza Scarlet
From left: Carla, Happy, Wendy Marvell, Gray Fullbuster
Carbuncle’s leader, Dyst.
From left: Chase, Cannon, Coordinator

Overall Rating: 3/5 moons




Story – 6/10
It’s not easy to pull off a good anime movie, especially if it’s based on an anime/manga. Unfortunately, even though I am a mega fan of Fairy Tail, I have to say that The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya still holds the top spot for best movie based on an anime, at least for me.


The thing that disappointed me the most about the Fairy Tail movie was how rushed it was. It was pretty much an entire arc’s worth of story line (which can take up to 10 episodes or more) packed into 1 and 1/2 hour. It was too bad too, because the story was really interesting, but there wasn’t enough time for it to be developed to its full potential; most things were just developed to its bare minimum.


For example, the battle scenes which were a lot more under-developed than usual. As a fan, I would say the most important part about Fairy Tail battles is that they will keep on fighting even though they’re all battered down (also a very common shounen cliche). The battles in the movie were too easily won, even the ‘last boss’ didn’t give much of a fight. I felt that it was almost lazy that they didn’t bother to drag that out a little longer.


Fortunately, out of all things, they didn’t forget the Fairy Tail ‘feeling’. There were still a lot of classic Fairy Tail humor, as well as emotional scenes preaching friendship and teamwork; very typical of the series, but definitely something fans will be looking out for when they watch this movie.
Character – 7/10
In comparison, more time was allocated to Eclair’s back story and emotional bonding with the Fairy Tail members, Lucy in particular. Because of that, her character development was quite complete, for an 1 and 1/2 hour movie.


However, there were a lot of moments in the movie that flashed back to her past, which I thought could have just been allocated to developing other areas of the movie, especially the story line. The emotional development also took a dip at the end of the movie, which was rather anti-climatic. Even with the fan service, I don’t think all fans will be particularly satisfied with how the movie ended.
Visuals + Audio – 7/10

The artwork was also a lot greater in the movie than the anime. Even though there were some parts that looked like they were done in a rush, there were still a lot of parts seriously worth pausing to stare at for awhile. Especially the character artwork for this movie, which seemed to be a lot better than usual.


The movie showed some level of promise, however it ultimately failed to meet my expectations. A lot of the movie, especially towards the end, was rushed because the story that was set up was akin to a plot line that usually takes more than 1o episodes to develop. Even though the visuals were better compared to the anime, some imperfect frames were still notable which ruined some of the viewing experience. However, I still believe that avid fans of the series will enjoy about the movie. Personally, I think it would have made a better anime arc.



  1. Julz

    I read a post about the Fairy Tail movie earlier and I'm thinking of checking it out. I've not seen the series though – do you think that's essential to watch first or would this make enough sense as a standalone movie?

    1. Nathalie

      Hi Julz. I wouldn't recommend watching the movie without having watched the series first. Even though there is no essential background plot that carried on from the series to the movie, the movie itself was intended for existing fans of the series. Because of that, there is no proper introduction of characters, and it is very much like a super long episode, instead of a stand alone movie.

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