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3DS Corner 2016, Malaysia’s Biggest Nintendo Fan Gathering, presents you Malaysia’s Pokémon GO Launch Party!

Pokemon GO just launched in Malaysia last Saturday on the 6th of August. Everyone was absolutely shocked but 3DS Corner has been preparing for this for months in advance. With the upcoming 3DS Corner 2016 this weekend, the Pokemon GO Launch Party has already secured a proper venue sponsor, several prize sponsors and media partners WITHIN 3 DAYS of the game’s release. Let’s take a look at what they have to offer at the Launch Party.


To get you started, there are THREE Pokéstops across the KDU College, Damansara Jaya. The 3DS Corner will be pumping Lure Modules into these stops throughout the entire event ( 10am – 6pm, both days ). That way, there’ll be plenty of Pokémon to catch and items to stock up on for everyone! All these 3 PokeStops are within 100 meters radius so there’s not much walking to be done to catch Pokemon!


It’s a fantastic venue but how do people go there? Well not only that it’s extremely accessible (smacked just a few minutes drive away from Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, Taman Tun Dr.Ismail and Subang Jaya), but even community favourite; Grab is involved! Grab is The Official Transport Partner of 3DS Corner 2016 ( the host of the Pokemon GO Launch Party).

With this incredible partnership, here is the perks for the event participants ;

  1. RM5 off 2 rides to/from KDU College Damansara Jaya (Promo Code Name: POKEMONPARTY)
  2. Valid on 13 – 14 August 2016.
  3. Valid for GrabCar (Economy) only.
  4. Valid for Cash or Cashless (Credit Card or Debit Card) payment method

It’s so easy to go anywhere with Grab!



Not only that, there will also be 4 Pokemon GO Photo Contests happening throughout the Launch Party. The prizes for each competition includes Official Pokemon Plushies (sponsored by Rukia Plush Heaven),   Official Comic Fiesta Merchandise (sponsored by SAYS Youth Society) and Nintendo Gaming Merchandise (sponsored by Impulse Gaming).

Winners for these contests will be announced at 5pm, Day 2 (14th August 2016) and must be present at the Prize Giving Ceremony else will forfeit the rights to claim the prize. Contestants must show their Facebook accounts on their phones to prove their identity.


1. Catch Them All Photo Contest 

Can you catch the most number of unique Pokémon throughtout the Launch Party? Take screenshots of all the Pokémon you ENCOUNTER at KDU College Damansara Jaya (AR camera must be turned on), upload those to a facebook album, set to the privacy to public and hashtag #CatchThemAllLaunchParty #3DSCorner2016 onto the album descrciption . The Top 3 winners will win Official Comic Fiesta Merchandise sponsored by SAYS Youth Society.


2. Mascot Photo Lucky Draw

Hunt for our cute Mascot ; Dawn Snow! Find Dawn at the Launch Party, ask her permission for a photo, encounter a pokemon, take a screenshot of her with the Pokemon, upload it to Facebook, set it to public and hashtag #DawnSnow #3DSCorner2016. One lucky winner will win a Big Mew Plushie sponsored by Rukia Plush Heaven.

Dawn’s Official Cosplayer Facebook Page: ww.facebook.com/MoModorasnow/

3. Creative PokeGO Photo Contest

Take the funniest Pokemon GO photo you can at KDU College Damansara Jaya (AR camera must be on), upload to facebook, set as public and hashtag #PoGoFunnyLaunchParty #3DSCorner2016 . The top 3 with the most organic likes will win Official Pokemon Plushies sponsored by Rukia Plush Heaven.

Photos which are boosted by Facebook (paid advertisement) and reports of shameless requests of asking strangers to like your photo can be used by organisers as a reason to disqualify contestants. NO SEXUAL, POLITICAL, OFFENSIVE, INAPPROPRIATE photos are allowed. More than one entry per person is allowed.


4. Highest CP Photo Contest 

The ONE who takes a SCREENSHOT with the Pokemon with the Highest CP at KDU College Damansara Jaya (AR camera must be turned on), then uploads to facebook, set as public and hashtag #BestCPLaunchParty #3DSCorner2016 will win a Jigglypuff Amiibo sponsored by Impulse Gaming Sunway Branch.

3 Poke-Teams T-shirt Share and Win Giveaway!

And if you’re not up to participating in one of the contests, no worries. We’ve also got a Lucky Draw T-shirt Giveaway, sponsored by Moeco Designs. For this giveaway, on each day ( Day 1 – 12pm, Day 2 – 5pm)  one lucky winner chosen from each team  will be given a FREE T-shirt as shown in the picture below.


To qualify for this lucky draw :

  1.  SHARE the following the post on Facebook (www.facebook.com/3dscorner/photos/a.1572875983008662.1073741843.1492344484395146/1572876263008634/?type=3&theater )
  1. Set your share public and caption your TEAM ( VALOR, MYSTIC OR INSTINCT)
  2. Like www.facebook/3dscorner and www.facebook.com/moecodesigns
  3. Click “going” on the FB Event Page : www.facebook.com/events/1357694850926830


Charging Stations!

While you’re here, you may be worried about your battery life lasting for an entire day of catching Pokémon and making new friends. Not to fret, as there will be charging stations for your smartphones and powerbanks so you don’t have to worry about running dry when rare Pokémon appear!

There are 30 USB ports available to use, please bring your own USB cable chargers and DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DEVICES unattended as organisers will not be responsible for individual’s careless mistakes.


Rukia Plush Heaven

Malaysia’s Pokemon GO Launch Party’s sponsor, Rukia Plush Heaven, will there be at the event on both days. Rukia Plush Heaven will be selling official Pokémon Plushies imported from Japan! All her products are reasonably priced, adorable and original. The company is strongly against bootleg products.


Pokemon Cosplayers!

At the event, you won’t have to worry about spending your time alone. There will be a whole bunch of Pokémon-related cosplayers there to meet, such as Red, Ash, Gary, an Eeveelution Team called EEVEE MAX ( only on Day 2) and so much more! There will also be hundreds of Nintendo fans and Cosplayers for you to meet and befriend. The event is side by side wih Cosplay Corner 2016 so you will be see a lot of Cosplayers (www.facebook.com/events/757358961033526/ ).


Awesome Venue!

The event will take place at KDU Damansara Jaya, which is a comfortable place for Pokémon Trainers to play and rest. It’s semi open air with shelter, so you don’t have to worry about the hot sun or rain. There will also be air-conditioned resting rooms for you to cool off as well.



Pokemon Sun and Moon – Share and Win Giveaway!

Impulse Gaming is sponsoring the Share and Win Lucky Draw ; 1 person will win 1 FREE COPY of Pokemon Sun and another person will win 1 FREE COPY of Pokemon Moon when those games are out (official receipts will be given out by Impulse during the event). Winner of this Lucky Draw will be announced on Day 1 at 12pm in the Auditorium.

To qualify for this Lucky Draw;

1 – Like www.facebook.com/ImpulseSunway and www.facebook/3dscorner

2 – Click going on the FB Event Page : www.facebook.com/events/1357694850926830

3 – Share this post, set to public and caption which copy you want! (Sun / Moon) www.facebook.com/3dscorner/photos/a.1568700976759496.1073741840.1492344484395146/1570765856553008/?type=3&theater

For those who didn’t win the lucky draw, that’s fine because Impulse Gaming will have a booth at the Pokemon GO Launch Party to collect pre-orders for Pokemon Sun and Moon which will be released on 18th November 2016.



See you this weekend! You will be a part of Malaysia’s Biggest Nintendo Fan Gathering!

Official Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/events/1357694850926830  

Date: 13 – 14 August 2016 ( Saturday and Sunday )

Time: 10AM – 6PM ( Both Days)


Entry Fee: RM10 per person per day, kids 12 years old and below get free entry!

Organiser Details

3DS CORNER 2016 x Pokemon Go Launch Party is organised by 3DS Corner, a club organisation currently under KDU’s School of Computing and Creative Media. They are the same people who organised 3DS Corner 2015,  3DS Corner @ Comic Fiesta 2015 and Cosplay Corner 2016.

Press Contact Person: Syafiq Nizar Radzi (Event Director,  016-263 0716, syafiqnizarradzi@gmail.com).

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