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As we near the end of November, let us recall the events that took place in October! One of the events that we have attended is MGACE! During this event, we had the opportunity to interview two of its guests. This includes the professional cosplayer from Taiwan, HYKO!


Deep in thought

Interviewer: What made you first begin cosplaying?

HYKO: So during my time in university, my work required me to be an artist for a publisher. At that time, I was closely influenced by cosplay and anime. It’s mainly because of this that really prompted my cosplaying career.


I: What inspired you to continue, then?

HYKO: Well I’ve been cosplaying for 20 years and it’s just so fun, I don’t want it to stop. Another reason would be GACKT. As long as he doesn’t retire I won’t too. But seriously here, I came from the first few batches of people who cosplayed, and back then, the reason why people cosplayed was just to have fun but now it’s so different. So by continuing this, I really hope to bring back the good old days where cosplaying was all about having fun and having a good time.


I: What’s your favourite part about cosplay? Why?

HYKO: Well I like prop making the most when it comes to cosplaying. As to why it is so? This is because my current job revolves around designing jewelry. Every time I am able to create something beautiful out of just raw materials it really gives me some sense of satisfaction.

On stage interview

On stage interview

I:  Do you have any cosplayers whom you look up to? Why?

HYKO: Well, actually, no one comes to mind when you say that. Most of the things I’m able to do are pretty much self taught.


I: Do you have anyone in mind in which you wish to work together with?

HYKO: Well personally I do not have a single specific person in mind at the moment. I personally feel anyone who shares a common interest with me in terms of the anime we would want to cosplay, that’s a good enough reason for me to collaborate.


I: If you could choose a character to represent yourself? Who would it be?

HYKO: GACKT! Well, of course it would be him because I really look up to him. But at the same time, I do feel slightly embarrassing because I used him as a representation.


Joining the crowd

Joining the crowd

I: How do you find the cosplay community in Malaysia?

HYKO: The cosplay community in Malaysia is a lot more friendlier than Taiwan. Because, in Taiwan, when there is someone famous in the event the crowd would just swarm on them. This leaves the not so famous few to be left in quite an awkward position and it can be really rough sometimes. Malaysia, however, is a lot more fun and accepting. Everyone in this event is just here to have fun!


I: Are there any differences between the cosplay community in your country and Malaysia?

HYKO: Well the biggest difference I would say is the interest in anime titles. Like there are some animes that in Taiwan that is really trendy right now, but it’s not exactly as popular in Malaysia. In Taiwan, actually, Touken Ranbu isn’t really trendy anymore; not many really cosplay that anymore but in Malaysia people still cosplay and love it.


I: Lastly, what’s the one thing you’d like to tell your fans?

HYKO: I’ve always wanted to come to Malaysia; even my fans kept asking me to come and visit. Luckily, because of MGACE 2016, I took the opportunity to invite me over as a guest and I just feel really blessed about it. But seriously, I’ve usually only went to Thailand, Singapore and Taiwan. It never was here but now that I am here, I feel really happy and I hope the fans are too.

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