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During the Pokémon Sun and Moon Official Launch Event, we had the chance to have a chat with one of its guests! Proudly presenting the lovely, Micho Teh! Known for her beautiful cosplays, Micho was invited to the launch event as one of the guests, cosplaying as a Pokémon trainer. Furthermore, she is also a cosplay photographer and a gamer.

Interviewer: For the readers who just got to know you, care to give a short introduction of yourself?

Micho: I’m Micho Teh, just Micho Teh (*chuckle*)


I: Based on what Syafiq told us, you are a gamer, streamer, a cosplayer and a photographer. That is quite a mouthful of hobbies, could you tell us how you get into each hobby?

M: Actually, it is a long story. It started very young, even before I knew how to write my own name. My dad kinda trained me to play games because I ‘curi-curi’ (translation: quietly) played his games and he found out that I had the talent for it. My gaming hobby started from there. Also, there was a photo printing shop beside my house so I manage to get my hands on the dummy cameras.

I: Like small ones?

M: Yeah, the ones with films. When I started my secondary school life, I started shooting. You know, gaming and shooting go hand-in-hand when you come to events. Since 2009, I began attending Comic Fiesta in Sunway Pyramid. So, that was the first event that I was exposed to. The year after that, I began cosplaying.

I: He said that you are a streamer, so what kind of games do you stream?

M: Er…for now I usually stream DOTA 2 and Overwatch. These are the usual games I stream but I play other games too, like StarCraft, L.O.L. I like stars.


Image taken from Cosplay Corner’s Facebook page, credits to A.R.C. Photography

I: Since we are at the Pokémon Launch Party, we are gonna ask a few Pokémon related questions. What made you first start playing Pokémon games?

M: Back then, I think it was the Gameboy Advance? If you ask me about the name, I cannot remember at all, even the NDS game I played. I only remember the last game I played on 3DS which was Omega Ruby?


I: What is it about Pokémon that you love the most?

M: Hmm.. the positivity, because the main characters are usually youngsters, very young and energetic. Like, “We can be the very best!” No matter what obstacles have been thrown to them, they would overcome it with a very positive kind of attitude. It is something that I admire.

I: If you can have one Pokémon as your partner, which will it be and why?

M: Hmm… I think it would be Pikachu because since back then, the Gen 1 has had a very crazy hype. Pikachu is like the iconic Pokémon.


I: What is it that you looked most forward to in Pokémon Sun and Moon?

M: Some of the new designs for the Pokémon. I am looking forward to it. Even though I have my copy of the game, I have not played it yet.


Being a cosplay judge is not an easy task, okay! Micho Teh alongside with Ying Tze and Chineko.

I: Let’s move on to some cosplay-related questions. What is it that you love the most about cosplay or rather cosplay in general?

M: For me, cosplay is like escapism, especially for the youngsters today. Cosplay creates a platform for us to express our creativity, for us to have the chance to be someone we want to be. Like, showing off your alter ego without effecting your real life, but in a good way. It is not like you completely turn into another person.


I: Fun question, if you could have a power from the characters you cosplay, what would it be and why?

M: Hmm… right now, the cosplay that came into my mind was, honestly, Crystal Maiden from DOTA 2. But do I actually want the power? (*chuckles*) Because, you know, her powers are only about freezing the enemy. Hmm… I don’t know, I really don’t know.


I: Do you have any words of wisdom for any aspiring cosplayers out there?

M: Do what you love and love what you do. Because it is important to (*pauses*)

I: Enjoy what you are doing?

M: Yeah, yeah, because if it is about the character you love, you want to bring the best out of it and you want to do it justice. Hence, you want to make it as accurate as possible and to really study the character.


I: And lastly, is there anything that you wish to say to our readers? 

M: Nowadays, technology is getting better and better so we are exposed to things like the Internet and gaming. Even the older generations are getting used to it, not just our small community, even the public too. Everyone knows what cosplay is right now so I think there is always good and bad people everywhere.

So, please do not judge just any community because of one bad thing or one bad person. Also, cosplay is a very creative hobby. I do not think that you would want your kids to go out clubbing and all that but keep everything moderate. Cosplay is a hobby and so is gaming.


Remember to always bring your Pokémon with you! 😀 (Micho Teh, as the Sun & Moon female protagonist and Rowlet gijinka cosplay, by Catnipx

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