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This year, we had the honour of being part of the media team present for The Game Plan 2015, which happened at KDU University College, Utropolis Glenmarie campus. It’s main focus was on gaming, with a wide variety of gaming competitions including Dota 2 and FIFA Online 3. You can read our coverage post of the event here.

Naturally, it isn’t an ACG convention without cosplayers, and Game Plan managed to invite two overseas cosplayers – Pugoffka from Ukraine and Onnies from Thailand. We got the chance to sit down with both of them, and we’re sharing those interviews with you!

Onnies is a regular here in Malaysia, often visiting for conventions such as Comic Fiesta and MGACE. With approximately 8 years of experience in cosplaying, she has cosplayed enough characters to lose count! She is famous for both her female and male cosplays, although her all-time favourites are Enoshima Junko from Danganronpa, gorgeous and elegant C.C. from Code Geass, and the cool and stunning Kiryuuin Satsuki from Kill la Kill.


Disclaimer: The following interview has been edited to make it more reader-friendly. 

Interviewer: Sawadeeka, and welcome back to Malaysia! You’ve been here so many times, what do you like the most about our country?

Onnies: Food! [laughs]

I: What is your favourite food then?

O: Nasi lemak, and noodles. All kinds of noodles!

I: What about durians?

O: We also have that in Thailand! [laughs]

I: Oh, I see! [laughs] So, since you mostly travel here for conventions, is there a difference between conventions in Thailand and conventions here?

O: Yes. In Thailand, when one character becomes popular, everyone will cosplay that one character. For example, when Love Live is popular, the events will look like a Love Live-only event, or if Owari no Seraph is popular, it will look like a Owari no Seraph-only event. But in Malaysia, there is a larger variety of cosplay.

I: You’ve been cosplaying for quite some time. How did you first begin cosplaying?

O: My friends whom I play online games with introduced it to me when they wanted to do more than just play online games [laughs]. It went something like: “Hey, we should go do something else outside instead of facing the computer.” “Okay!”

I: After all these years, what has been one of your most memorable cosplay moments?

O: There are many embarrassing moments [laughs]. If you want to know the good ones, though, I would say the first time I got an overseas invitation from Vietnam. I was very surprised, I even asked the organiser if they’re sure they got the right person!


I: So, do you make your own cosplays?

O: Yes, some I make, some I buy. The one I’m currently wearing [in the image above] I made myself.

I: How long did it take?

O: Hmmmm, one month.

I: I see. You cosplay many different characters, sometimes even male ones. Do you have any tips for females who want to cosplay as male characters?

O: Are you sure you want to ask me? [laughs]

I: Your male cosplays are really good, even more handsome than me! 

O: No, I think you could be a cute girl looking at your figure [laughs].

I: Uh, why don’t we get back to the question. [Editor’s note: We see what you’re doing there, Amos.]

O: Well, if I want to cosplay as a male character, I must really, really, really love that guy. Then I’d probably reach the point where I don’t care anymore, I have to cosplay him!

I: Speaking of which, which do you find easier to cosplay – male or female characters?

O: Female characters, of course!

I: What do you think is the most important aspect of cosplay? 

O: All the aspects, the costume, the emotions and the make-up are all important, but you must love the character first to be able to achieve all of that. For example, I wouldn’t be shy to cosplay as a cool type of guy because I love them very much!


I: You have a lot of fans, but we want to know which cosplayers you are a fan of!

O: I’m already friends with a lot of the cosplayers I admire, so I’m a bit shy to say their names [laughs]. But I like Reika and Ying Tze!

I: So when you’re here in Malaysia do you get the time to hang out with Malaysian cosplayers, like Angie and Ying Tze?

O: Usually when I’m here, we don’t have the time to go anywhere. We spend time together by going out for dinner, but not shopping or anything. I think they’re very cute though!

I: We’ll make sure that news reaches them then! Care to share some of your future cosplans or plans for conventions?

O: This week I’m going to Bali, Indonesia for a convention, and as for cosplay, I’m still working on my cosplay of Albedo from Overlord.

I: Alright, this last question may be a bit sensitive, but a lot of fans will want to know: Are you single?

O: It is sensitive to me…

I: So you don’t want to answer?

O: It’s sensitive because I’ve been single for a long time, okay. [laughs]

I: [laughs] Lastly, would you like to say anything to your fans?

O: I love Malaysia and its food. Sometimes I feel like this country is my second home for cosplay, and I think it’s because the Malaysian cosplayers are friendly!



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