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Disclaimer: The following transcript has been edited to make it more reader-friendly.

As we enter the second week of November, let us recall the events that took place in October! One of the events that we have attended is MGACE! During this event, we had the opportunity to interview two of its guests. This includes the local band talent Shinimikiri.


Interviewer: For our readers who don’t know you, please give us a brief introduction.


Hello everyone my name is Shino and I play the bass for Shinimikiri and nice to meet you (°∀°)b

Hey guys my name is Zik and I play the drums (.__.)

Hi my name is Miranda and I am the vocalist in this band (◕︿◕✿)

Hey I am Nizaki I am the guitarist and sorry but I’ve lost my voice today ( •́ .̫ •̀ )

Hello my name is  Rina and I am also the guitarist in this band Ψ( ゚∀゚)Ψ

HELLO! my name is Ami and I am the Keyboardist (❛ั◡˜๑)

I: So how was Shinimikiri formed? 

Zik: We basically came in one by one. Very simple story, really nothing special. We brought in our members through our own connection.

Miranda: Well initially Shino here had a dream where he wanted to perform at Comic Fiesta!

Zik: So ever since me and Ami joined we tried to pursue the more original scene and create original content.


I: How has the adventure been for you guys to see your band make it to where it is right now?

Miranda: Well, it has been really challenging for all of us because we all live far apart from each other. We all have our own jobs and things. Some of us still have studies. But performing with a band is really fun and exciting in it’s own way, like, most of us got to get closer to each other and we got to really understand each other much better because of this.

Ami jamming it out in her keyboard

I: If the band ever grows to something huge, where would you want to do a live performance at? 

Shinimikiri: Give us anywhere in Japan! But let’s hope that we can do that after our album release. Yes, we are currently in the midst of making an album! Most of our original music will be largely influenced by Japanese culture. We would actually be performing later on stage one of our original songs. We hope everyone enjoys it!


I: So, something for the fans, when can they expect this album to drop?

Shinimikiri: Well, currently we have only one song finished. For a good reason too, because we really don’t want to rush this. Nothing good ever came out of a rushed final product so we’re taking our time. Plus, to make a song, it takes a long time to finish because we pass it amongst ourselves and see what can we change. We want to do our best and for our listeners, hopefully it is not too long in the distant future that you can hear from us with an album.

I: As a band, what would you say was the biggest challenge you faced when you first started playing together?

Shinimikiri: (*Dreadful noises as if they knew this question was gonna come*) Well, initially, the biggest challenge was how to go through everyone as a person. Like, communication-wise and stuff. Each of us are really different. When we first started out, each of us were somewhat shy to each other and we weren’t exactly very straight forward.

But now, we’re much more open with each other and we always try to voice our opinions out even be it being something we like or something we don’t like. In the beginning, we did step into some mud but we got through it together. Now we feel much more like a family.


I: What do you look for in a crowd when you perform live?

Shinimikiri: Their faces! I want to see more emotions from the crowd! I guess, we also would like to see if the crowd sings along with us. Although it might not be now, but hopefully soon. I guess if we want to sum it up, we just love to see the crowd interact with us and have fun.

The Humble Crowd of MGACE cheering for Shinimikiri performance

The Humble Crowd of MGACE cheering for Shinimikiri performance

I: A lot of people don’t know much about song writing, so what would you hope your listeners see more from your songs?

Shinimikiri: All of us here are song writers actually. The general gist of how it works is that each of us give a melody and and a chord progression, and we also add in other ideas like providing bass lines, drums, and the keyboard part.

When we do make a song we like to keep scraping it and redoing it, repeating it until we find something we like. Lots of trail and errors and definitely not simple to get to that ideal point. We take into account everyone’s opinion and we always ask what can we do better or change.


I: Last two, but fun questions: what does the band do for fun?

Shinimikiri: We do like to do a lot of improvised songs and just try out random melodies. We do jam out sometimes too. All of us live apart and when we do meet up for anything, that’s just fun by itself already. Sometimes it feels like a family reunion between all of us and we can just catch up.


I: If an army of penguins came marching into the room right now, what do you think would be the band’s reaction?

Zik: For me? I think I might need to call my psychiatrist. What is going on in my mind right now?

Miranda: Oh I’m going to throw someone towards the penguins just for fun!

Nizaki: I might have to call mom and tell her my last words.

Rina: I think I might start running because those penguins could be EVIL!

Ami: But they’re so cute! How could they?!

Shino: Oh wait, we also have our little minion. He’s like this little penguin as well. You can see him on stage later.

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