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We had the opportunity to attend an interview session with yuyoyuppe a.k.a DJ’TEKINA//SOMETHING during Comic Fiesta 2016. A well known Vocaloid music producer with the Nico Nico Douga username, yuyoyuppe, former music producer for the girl band, Baby Metal, music composer for the doujin music circle, Draw the Emotional and a DJ who performed in many places.

We were given permission to record the interview session so you may watch the video or read the transcript of the interview session. Do note that what the translator said in the video may be different from the transcript because I also did my own translation when writing this transcript.

Interviewer: For our readers who are new to you, mind introducing yourself to them?

Yuyoyuppe: My name is Yuyoyuppe. I also work as a DJ under the name DJ’TEKINA//SOMETHING.


I: What’s the difference between your names “Yuyoyuppe” and “DJ’TEKINA//SOMETHING”?

Y: The name “Yuyoyuppe” is the name I use when I first produced Vocaloid and band music uploaded to Nico Nico Douga. But now that I get to travel out of Japan to participate conventions and events, to be honest I regret using this name. I mean, it is hard to read isn’t it?

As for “DJ’TEKINA//SOMETHING”, it was when I wanted to try working as a DJ and talked to my manager about it on Skype. My manager suggested the name and I said “Oh that’s sounds nice.” Shortly, my manager announced to me that he confirmed a DJ work for me and that was even before I started preparing or learning about doing DJ so I had to try my best to study about how to DJ.


I: How did you encounter Nico Nico Douga and decide to produce Vocaloid music?

Y: I was originally performing in a band and while in the band, I met many people and I had some falling outs with some of them. I eventually grew uncomfortable and left the band scene and at the same time, I got dumped by the girl I was dating. *laughs*

So during that time, my friend introduced me to Nico Nico Douga and Vocaloid since he knew I like making music. I checked it out and was inspired by people like livetune and supercell, who are currently now in the music industry. These people were not professionals back then but rather regular people and yet they made really good and inspiring Vocaloid songs. This all the more made me want to do the same as well.

I: Is there any difference between how you originally draw inspiration compared to now?

Y: Last time, I only did what I felt like doing, like I want to do this… or that in the song, proceeding purely by imagination and creativity. But doing this for a long time, that creativity juice will eventually run out. I like taking baths, especially Japanese public baths or Sentō so when I sit in the bath, nice melodies often comes into my mind. There are times when it just doesn’t come so I end up going to the bathes 4 times a day.

Whenever an eureka moment comes, I will take my iPhone and voice record the melody while changing at the same time in the Sentō’s changing room. This happens very often so I believe the caretaker of the Sentō who is an old lady thinks I’m a weirdo so I would like to use this opportunity and apologize.

I: Apologize and continue doing it? *laughs*

Y: Yes I will continue doing it. *laughs*


I: What was your feeling when you were producing music for Baby Metal? Were there any challenges?

Y: It’s more like a training like a triathlon rather than challenge. Working for Baby Metal was not a “make this song before this day” kind of thing but rather there are ongoing changes and improvements on the song day by day until the deadline. Personally, I have some health issues and have been hospitalized before but for the three members of Baby Metal I was willing to forget about myself and do my best.

I’m sure there are people in Malaysia who are looking to produce music for a living but truth to be told I do not recommend it. First of all, I will have lesser work to do else worse still lose my job. *laughs* This is not a job that is only about making music but one should think it as something very difficult. If one were to take it lightly, the person will probably have a tough daily life because it takes that much time and focus to produce music.

Therefore, I hope that whenever you listen to Baby Metal’s performance you will think about the sweat, blood and tears poured into making the song.


I: Will we still hear new Vocaloid songs from you in the future?

Y: To be honest, as of now I don’t find the Vocaloid community and culture interesting at all.


I: What is your opinion on the future of Vocaloid? Will it stay or will it fade away?

Y: This year, Nico Nico Douga celebrated their 10th year anniversary and Nico Nico Douga has always been a platform for amateurs to do different things out of passion but now it is getting more and more commercialized because companies are consistently targeting to recruit these individuals.

Personally, I don’t think commercializing these individual artist is a bad thing but these companies are doing it in excess. This in turn makes the Vocaloid music now on Nico Nico Douga that people made out of passion become a product, no difference to charted songs where they need to hit charts to be relevant.

Since I create Vocaloid songs not for the sake of sales but rather passion, I no longer have the will to make new songs. But of course, it will be interesting if creators from Malaysia or even South East Asia were to produce Vocaloid songs and upload to Nico Nico Douga.

I: Hachiouji-P also mentioned the same thing.

Y: Right? Hachiouji-P and I do talk shows together and the Vocaloid topic becomes uninteresting for us to talk about. So if there is any impressive creators in Malaysia, please do take up the challenge.


I: Among the many music genre you have produced, which one do you think reflects yourself the most?

Y: I get this question a lot. For me, I like music itself so I prefer looking at it as without borders. Because different genres have their own good points so I feel like it will be a waste if I were to focus on just one genre. Even though I want to try different genres of music and not just concentrate on one genre, but still I prefer metal music.

I: But most of your songs are EDM.

Y: Yes but EDM and Metal genres are co-relational and can compliment and cover each other. I find it creative to try different things, make different kind of music and take everything learned from them to make something new.


I: You are a music producer, singer and DJ, which of these three are you currently focused more on?

Y: I get this question a lot as well. This will end up being the same answer as before, but like I previously said, I do not want to limit myself and hope to keep it borderless. I think the important thing is one’s heart when singing because a person’s singing is a powerful thing so I think vocals are very important for music. Therefore, I want to make vocals essential in my music but since my voice is not really good, I have to fight using the heart of the voice.


I: You are the composer for the Touhou music circle “Draw the Emotional”. Mind if I ask why is the circle not producing any new albums?

Y: Yes I get this question a lot also. There was a time when I want to take my stage level performance up another level and there was also a time when I decided to challenge the commercial music market and right now I’m mainly focus in taking up challenge to create new things in the music market. It is not like I want to stop the circle but right now I want to learn from the music industry and probably take what I have learned and bring it back to the doujin scene and create something new there.


I: Mind giving us a hint of what you will bring to us in your collaboration performance with kradness at Comic Fiesta 2016?

Y: I have not decided anything yet. Maybe after this I will have a discussion *laughs* but that’s how it usually is. Basically, I think being spontaneous and go along the flow allows me to hype up the stage more so I’ll decide after this but I’ll definitely keep time in check.


I: What are your future plans?

Y: I am currently in a band called “Grilled Meat YoungMans” as the vocalist and we have music videos uploaded on Youtube so do take a look. Other than that, there is a new genre called Future Bass and there are requests given for it to me so I would like to challenge it as well. Anything more would be becoming a pirate?

Translator: He wants to be a pirate? Well that’s random. Why a pirate?

Y: Well it looks fun don’t you think?

T: Can you swim? In case you fall off the ship.

Y: Of course, I took swimming lessons. So I think I’m suitable to be a pirate.

I: Does that mean you like One Piece?

Y: I loved One Piece up til when Choppa came out. After that, it doesn’t seem right any more so I haven’t been reading but I’ll try my best to read again.


Well then, although the interview ended with a weird topic, but I hope you enjoyed the interview session with Yuyoyuppe. Check out Yuyoyuppe and his works from the links below:


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