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Adapted from a game of the same title
Produced by: Diomedia
Genres: Action, Science Fiction, Comedy
Number of episodes: 12


Set in a world where humanity has lost control of the oceans to the “deep sea fleet”, the only hope to counter this threat are the Kanmasu, a group of girls who possess the spirit for Japanese warships. The story revolves around Fubuki, a destroyer who comes to the Chinjufu base to train with the other Kanmasu. Watch as their stories unfold! (Source: Crunchyroll)


Main Characters:


From left: Mutsuki, Fubuki, Yuudachi


Overall Rating: 3/5 moons




Story – 5/10

I’m sure most people would have realised this at first glance, but KanColle is a very cheerful type of story. There’s a lot of moe and comedy, and though it has some drama, it’s not what you would call a ‘thought-provoking’ series. Still, the story line turned out to be fairly interesting despite its initial postponement controversy (because they couldn’t think up a plot!). Personally, I thought it portrayed WWII history quite accurately even though some combination of characters (the ships) weren’t exactly the same. This is similar to the game which follows the story of IJN during WWII.



The only serious disappointment from the series was the ending. Some might find it a bad end because it differs entirely from WWII history (aka the ending in reality). It probably would have elevated the series to a new level if it betrayed its happy-go-lucky (and cliche!) roots at least a little. Even though I say that, I personally thought the ending was fine since I have preference for happier endings anyway. Also, it was more consistent with the mood of the series to end on that note, considering there was no deeper or darker foreshadowing prior to the ending.


Other than that, my only concern is for those who don’t play the game. The series references the game quite a bit. Those unfamiliar with the jargon might get confused watching it since minimal explanation is offered. As for me, I started playing the game right after watching the anime, and it definitely made the whole experience more interesting for me. For those in a similar situation, I suggest to play the game as well, otherwise the series will seem like any other happy-go-lucky action/comedy type of series.



Characters – 6/10

In terms of character development, this series isn’t very strong. While it was heart-warming to see the girls/ships build trust in each other, there wasn’t much unique development. The only thing that really caught fire was the intimate development between two of the girls/ships, which even began referred to as the ‘weekly dose of yuri’. Other than that, the character development was mostly cliche and not very deep.Since a second season has already been announced, I also hope that there will be change in main character. The development for the current one has reached a dead end, and it would also make sense for them to make a change since they are following WWII history. 


Visuals + Audio – 8/10

There is quite a lot of action in this series, and thankfully, the visuals are up to the task. They are extra impressive during the practice and battle scenes because the swiftness in movements of the characters really show off the high frame rate. However, I personally prefer the 2D-rendering compared to the 3D-rendering in those scenes. The latter just seems out of place to me, although the transition between the two is admirably smooth.As for the audio/BGM, I think it contributed greatly to what makes the anime a must-watch for me. I love the opening and ending songs, but even the BGM suits the flow of story as well as containing its own uniqueness during different moments (ie. battle scenes, victory and sad moments). 


The overall story is happy-go-lucky so for those expecting a deeper story and character development, you won’t find one in this series. However, one thing great about it is definitely its visuals and audio, especially in the action scenes. Fans of the game should be quite satisfied with its adaptation, the only problem with its ending which wasn’t faithful to the WWII ending in real life.



How much poi could a Yuudachi poi if a Yuudachi could poi a poi?
Review contributed by Asyraf.


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