Komik Kon 2015: Day One, Two & Three

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Last month, we had the pleasure of being at the first ever Komik Kon 2015! It was held at MAEPS Serdang from the 13th til 15th of November 2015, and we were there for all three days. Compared to the usual Japanese-centric events we attend, this was definitely a change for us. Modelled after the famous European Comic Con, it contained mostly Western and local content with seemingly more emphasis on animation and comics. The crowd was also different, with more families and adorable children in cosplay.



The hall, having once housed the Big Bad Wolf book sale, was undoubtedly big. A lot of room was given in-between booths for attendees to walk around comfortably. And good thing too, because they also took up most of the space. I’d say the hall was split into 20% stage, 20% exhibition and 60% booths. Quite a large number of booths were displays for art and cosplay props, instead of doujin booths we’re typically used to.



There were, however, quite a number of booths doing art commissions or just displays of art. Some of the more notable names include Inktober Malaysia.



Of course, there were many booths run by household names. BoBoiBoy’s was one of them. Thanks to the people at Komik Kon Malaysia, we even got the chance to interview one of the people of Animonsta Studio (the studio behind BoBoiBoy) about the animation process and the Malaysian industry. You can read the interview here. [Unlockable on 10 December 2015]



But beyond the booths, there were a lot of great photo ops throughout the entire venue. Especially at the end of the hall, there was a display of replicas from comics and movies. Most notably, Star Wars and Iron Man. There was also a Millennium Falcon photo booth in conjunction with a Malaysian Food Program, the name of which I cannot remember, but I thought it was a great initiative.

IMG_0971 IMG_0967IMG_1022IMG_096120151115_103226


On the other end of the hall, there was a stage where most of the highlights of the event were being carried out. The most exciting ones were the cosplay and light saber performance in our opinion.

IMG_1048IMG_111120151115_142454 20151115_142519


There were many lucky draws and panels held by the stage, including panels about Pacific Rim and wrestling. Speaking of wrestling, there was an actual wrestling ring in the hall. Whenever a match was running, it definitely drew in a huge crowd.

IMG_20151115_132056_HDR IMG_20151115_132131_HDR


Overall, we had a fun time at Komik Kon 2015. Not a bad show for its first year, and definitely an exciting step into Western ACG culture in Malaysia. Hopefully, next year will be bigger and better. And you can bet we’ll be there.

For our interview with Animonsta Studios (the creators of BoBoiBoy), click here.

For more photos from the event, check out our Facebook album here.


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