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Uchi no Maou Kamimasen yo review
Author: Otousan
Volumes: 4 
Chapters: 39
Status: Completed
In a world where people have supernatural creatures as pets, a certain family has a pet demon-lord Satan. The main carer of Satan is the son, Yuuhei. From initially coaxing the new Satan out of his pet-carrier, to walking him, playing with his ball, and keeping him from fighting with the neighbor’s pet Hero, this is the comedic story of a boy and his Satan. (Source: MU)

Main Characters: 

From left: Yuuhei, Demon Lord Satan

Overall Rating: 4/5 moons




One of the reasons why I picked up this manga is obviously due to the fact that it is a gag manga! The summary seemed interesting, I mean, a boy and his demon-lord playing catch? SOLD! The manga is as fun to read as I thought it would be and I am so pleased with that!

Story – 8/10

To go into details, the story about a human having a demon-lord as a pet is just pretty funny to me. I have read mangas where the demon-lord acquires humans as their “pets” or slaves but never the other way around. And I’m not talking about the demon having some sort of contract with humans that make them unable tp leave at all. No Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) stuff. None of that at all. In this manga, the demon-lord, along with many other creatures (some mythical) are pets. Yes PETS, with a capital P. The shops even sells “demon king” toys. (Uhh…)

uchi 2

There is not much plot and there are many questions that the mangaka left unanswered too. But since this manga serves more as a “funny., entertaining, don’t think too much about it” kind of manga, I just shrugged it all off. The main point of this manga is to enjoy it while in a relaxed and happy mood and it definitely achieved that.

Despite that, there is some story line and twists to it, but it does not truly emerge until the middle of the manga. The twist is quite shocking too, which surprised me quite a bit, since the whole manga is like one big comedy scene. That being said, the mangaka ended the series on a good note, utilizing the whole atmosphere of the manga to finish it off with an ending that really suited the nature of the whole series.


Character – 8/10

The main duo, Yuuhei and his demon lord pet, Satan is really a unique and funny combo. Their interactions are somewhat in between siblings and pet/owner. For example, when Yuuhei gets angry at Satan for eating his ice-cream bar, they quarrel like siblings, but when it comes to walks and playtime, they revert back to their owner and pet relationship. This kind of communication and interaction between them is what makes me like them so much. Their blend with each other is a perfect fit.


Other than the main duo, the side characters are also really well done. I loved reading about the wide array of supernatural pets available in the manga’s world and how they interacted with their owners. I was surprised to see how the mangaka was able to blend all the characters in harmony with each other despite having a wide variety of them. The main side characters are quite a few too and they all have their own moment in the spotlight. Even though the manga is so short, the fact that the side characters are even able to get their own “screen time” without defiling the main duo’s is really something to look forward to when reading this manga.

uchi 3

Artwork – 8/10

The artwork is clean and quite pretty but nothing about it screams “awesome.” When you progress through the manga, you can see that the mangaka did actually put in a lot of effort into the art style. The clothes of Satan and other pets seems quite detailed, and this goes the same for the design. I really admire how he didn’t “copy and paste” the pets’ designs and actually worked on each of them down to the littlest details to make them stand out from each other.
That being said, I don’t really like how he drew the humans. I mean, they look okay and all, but compared to their pets, they look quite plain and rather boring. I kind of wish that the mangaka had put in as much effort drawing the humans so that the difference wouldn’t seem so jarring to me. The background is not something you would really pay attention to as well, although this is okay since you will be too immersed in the story.
uchi 4


All in all, this manga is fun to read with a lot of interesting and intriguing details. There is not much of a plot until mid-way through the manga, and things get quite interesting. However, it remains mostly a comedy series. Not just the main duo, but the interactions between the all the characters is funny and quite well penned out. There isn’t anything to boast about the art, except that the supernatural pets are quite detailed. However, that makes the humans quite plain in comparison.

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