MGACE 2016: Day 1 & 2

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Hello hello, and welcome back for another event coverage with Eleven Tsuki! A few weeks ago, we attended MGACE 2016 as official media, and we have loads of experiences to share about this great event.

The event this year was held at Makespace Quill City Mall. A location that is rather convenient to commute to even by public transport, and seems to be an increasingly popular choice for event organisers.

The train station is literally across the street, Cheers! MGACE

The train station is literally across the street, Cheers! MGACE

There is no better way to say it, but the venue felt rather compact and squished. Mid-way through the event, it became increasingly hard to traverse around the event venue, especially because we were trying our best not to break anything.

But this does not entirely mean it’s a bad thing, as this shows there are lots of people taking interest in the event. Hopefully, by next year, we get to see more improvement on the venue itself. That way, everyone has more space to move around and get to walk around a little more comfortably.

The calm before the storm

The calm before the storm


Human Congestion at the doujin booth area

Other than that, the on stage events were pretty awesome. There were bands like Shinimikiri to jump start the crowd on day 1, and there was also a crazy auction fiesta going on to sell HYKO merch. It was so amusing seeing everyone going crazy to bid. A big part of what makes ACG events so different from other events is truly the crowd.

This was also the first time ever witnessing a live auction happening in an ACG event. Kudos to you MGACE for making this something to remember.

YAU and Kuratsu also made an appearance on stage multiple times but the one time that got the whole crowd going nuts was when they were playing charades with the audience. Everyone went crazy when they heard that they were giving out the chance to take a photo with them, but only if the audience member guessed the drawing right. (I too participated and I’m not embarrassed to admit it!)


Shinimikiri rocking the stage!



Little auction going on for HYKO merch

There was another on stage event that really caught our attention which was the OTP Competition. Rarely do you actually see a cosplay competition with the idea centered around OTPs. A lot of effort was put into the skit that was done by many participants and the crowd really loved it. (Especially when Cloud and Zack was doing the PPAP dance on stage.)


I always admire how much effort is put into cosplay sometime

What's an ACG event without idols?

What’s an ACG event without idols?

What was really interesting about the event was that there was a dedicated area for games. All you needed to do was hop on the controller and just play away. They had the classics like Street Fighter, Pac-Man, Mario and if you were in a rocking mood, there was Guitar Hero too.

For those who are the competitive type, the mini game section did also host like mini competitions for their games like breaking the highscore of Pac-Man, Mario or Guitar hero. They even had a competition for Street Fighter.

It added the much needed diversity to ACG events, and it would be really cool for other ACG events to adopt something like this too. An area dedicated to different types of classic games that everyone could just gather around and just chill. A huge thanks to KYO games for creating this little area for the people.

Even the great Ezio was drawn to a game of Smash Bros

Even the great Ezio was drawn to a game of Smash Bros


Rare photo of Son Goku rocking Guitar Hero


Casual match of the classic Street Fighter

The guest on stage interviews were really something to look out for too. The fan base of HYKO, YAU and Kuratsu were so strong that every time anyone of them came on stage, people would just gather immediately. The questions asked were really funny too. Cheers to Shaun for being such a cool MC for MGACE.


YAU and Kuratsu looking amazing as ever


HYKO taking in questions

Even though MGACE did really well this year for such a up and coming event, there were some minor issues with the event. Generally not about the management but more of the venue itself. When loud music was playing, the close proximity of the walls made the sound really dissonant.

But aside from event problems, MGACE 2016 was really fun and enjoyable for a chilled event. On behalf of the entire Eleven Tsuki team we had fun attending MGACE and look forward to coming back for next year’s event!


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