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Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch – the long awaited baby of Nintendo is finally hitting shelves March 2017. Gamers everywhere are pretty hyped up about this new console, not only because its Nintendo’s new console, but because its a breath of fresh air to the console market.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console that plans to link the bridge between home consoles and portable consoles. Imagine it as a Gameboy designed to be plugged into the TV easily but also could become on-the-go at a moments noticed.

This is a pretty interesting concept because console players have been divided by home consoles and portable consoles for many years. Take myself as an example, I’ve had the 3DS for almost 5 years and yet I’ve never gotten a Wii-U. Same goes for PSP; I had the PSP for almost 7 years before finally getting a PS3.

Needless to say, many of my friends have the same issue where there’s an invisible wall between the portable console players and the home console players even though both parties enjoy their consoles just as much as the other party.

The first reveal of Nintendo Switch was 2 months ago and it looks extremely promising. To bring everyone up to speed so we can discuss more about the recent presentation, I’ll try and show you all the crucial details the video below shows us.



How the Joy-Con (Nintendo Switch Controller) looks.


Each part of the Joy-Con can be used as a single controller so you can play with your buddies!


The console is just the tablet like screen, while the dock is just to project the screen to the TV.


Nintendo Switch will be using Gamecards instead of Discs like other home consoles.


Nintendo Switch Controller comes in a more conventional layout called the Pro Controller.


How the Nintendo Switch looks like with the default Joycon attached.


Release Date

lauch date

Nintendo Switch is confirmed to release on the 3rd March of 2017

Retail Price


The retail price is set at 29,980 Japanese Yen and 299.99$ in NA

Region Locking

region lock

It is confirmed that Nintendo Switch will not have region lock. A greatmove by Nintendo here, but nothing really worth praising as their decision to apply region locking on the 3DS & WiiU was very backward.

Online Service


Nintendo Switch will have an Online service that requires payment by Fall of 2017.



Home Screen

How the Home Screen will look like

USB Type-C

Nintendo Switch uses USB Type-C connector

Nintendo Switch



A special strap can be attached to the Joy-Con making it bigger and fit the hand a little better while providing extra security while playing games requiring hand motion.

Joy-Con 5

The Joy-Con comes in different colours as well.


The right Joy-Con with a home button below the analog stick.


The Left Joy-Con with a share button on the bottom of the D-pad, capable of taking screenshots of gameplay to be shared and in the future, may even be able to capture video footage of gameplay. This is a great move by Nintendo – gamers love to show off their accomplishments in games and this is also free advertising for Nintendo if we share the footage on social medias.


Each Joy-Con has 2 buttons on the side, making each Joy-Con able to function as an individual controller.


How the Joy-Con will fit on the hand while playing games that only requires one side of the Joy-Con

HD Rumble

“HD Rumble” a function of the Joy-Con which is a haptic feedback system in the Joy-Con that is said to have such great feedback that you can determine if the virtual cup have 1 or 3 ice or if it even has water in it just by the vibration system.

The Right Joy- Con even boast an IR technology that can tell your hand gesture and distance of your hand from the Joy-Con. There wasn’t any game shown to feature this technology, but this is just something they included in the Joy-Con that could be used by future game titles.



1 2 Switch 

1 2 switch release

1 2 Switch set to launch on 3rd of May alongside the Nintendo Switch as a launch title.

This is Nintendo Switch’s version of the Wii sports. Based on the trailer, it seems like most games will be focused on a 1v1 scenario where both players hold up one side of the Joy-Con to do a variety of actions mimicing real life sports or activities such as milking a cow, sword fighting, and even cowboy showdowns.



Arms release

Arms, expected to release early of 2017

Arms, a game where you utilise the motion control of the Joy-Con to its fullest to navigate around the arena and punch your opponent! This game looks amazingly fun, even though we’ll be forced to actually wave our arms around while playing.

EDIT: Apparently, playing the game using motion control is just an option and is not mandatory.

Mario Odyssey

Mario odyssey

Mario Odyssey set out to release towards the end of 2017.

This Mario game will be set in a more open world format that resembles newer Mario games such as Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. This game is also going to be set in places that are inspired by real world locations instead of the mushroom kingdom. This is sure to bring some new flavour to your Mario experience.

Mario even has a new way to travel around by throwing his hat out to act as a temporary platform to jump up places he otherwise couldn’t.


Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 expected to hit the stores during the Summer of 2017.

Most people thought Nintendo Switch will only be getting a port of Splatoon or a huge update. Splatoon fans will be gladly surprised that Splatoon 2 will be coming out for the Nintendo Switch giving us new weapons, new maps and more!


Zelda Breath of the Wild


Saving the best for last, Legend of Zelda has been confirmed to release alongside the Nintendo Switch on the 3rd of March 2017. Fans of the series have been waiting eagerly for this latest installment to the Zelda series. Even myself, not being a Zelda fan, I can’t help but feel the hype for this game. I seriously got goosebumps while watching the trailer for the first time.



I’m definitely excited for Nintendo Switch. It was able to deliver on my expectations and may even surpass it on some levels, especially the amount of features in the Joy-Con packs. I wasn’t expecting the Joy-Con to have gyrosensor and accelerometer, enabling it to sense motion similar to a Wii Remote.

We were also wondering if the Nintendo Switch will have a touch screen since a key feature of Nintendo’s portable console is the touch screen, and to our pleasant surprise, the Nintendo Switch will have touch screen!

I have absolutely no problem with what the Nintendo Switch’s hardware is capable of. Nintendo has always been the console creator that rethinks the way we “play” rather than boasting 4K! 60FPS! GRAPHICS! like all of the other competitors.


Nintendo has never wanted to compete in those aspects

However, with that said, I don’t really like some of the decisions made by Nintendo, especially requiring payment for its online service beginning of Fall 2017. Games these days usually depend on its online feature to deliver the many fun experiences we have. It sucks that we have to pay for the online service when we have been using it for free for such a long time; first Sony did this and now Nintendo is joining on the bandwagon.

I guess they could make it worthwhile if they gave us more than just the online service. We’ll just have to see how this paid online service will work when it finally releases.

Personally, I won’t be getting the Nintendo Switch on release just because the game selection seems extremely limited upon release. I’ll wait and see how the Nintendo Switch performs just like most of the people out there. What about you?

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