Okaerinasaimase ojousama, goshujinsama… KON! – La Petite Fox Cafe at Comic Fiesta 2016


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Kon kon! In this article, we shall bring you something new before Comic Fiesta 2016! With just ONE DAY away from one of Malaysia’s biggest events, here is an introduction about a rather new edition to the event, the La Petite Fox Cafe!

Founded by the Comic Fiesta team back in 2015, the La Petite Fox Cafe made its debut during the 2015 Comic Fiesta Mini in Penang. The main reason Comic Fiesta decided to start a maid and butler café was so that fans would be able to experience a Japanese Butler and Maid Café experience in Malaysia.

La Petite Fox is a team of individuals whose passion is in serving the customers, performing, bringing the experience of a Japanese Maid and Butler Café to Malaysia in a Malaysian setting. Members of the team also consist of those who are interested in the food and beverage industry. Furthermore, not only has La Petite Fox appeared in Comic Fiesta-related events, La Petite Fox also collaborated with a café called Acafella in 2016.

With an approximate number of 40 staff members on board this year, the cafe will be back in Comic Fiesta 2016! This year, the La Petite Fox cafe will be serving all the lovely Goshujinsama and Ojousama with a hint of Hero or Villain to match Comic Fiesta’s Hero theme. Moreover, the mascots of Comic Fiesta will also be visiting La Petite Fox Café on both Day 1 and Day 2 for a fun game of Bingo!


With a whole new menu, games and concept, the customers can be sure to expect something different this year.

On Day 1, there will be a special segment hosted by the butlers of the cafe called the Kitsune (translation: fox in English) Play Time With Butlers! In this section, many games will be available for all the customers to play with the Butlers.

The games available are Jenga, Werewolves, Daruma Otoshi, Don’t wake the Dogs and many more. Snacks and free flow drinks will also be provided for those who attend this special matsuri (Lit: Carnival) by our butlers. Other than games, there will also be a group game where all the customers will be able to join in and prizes can be won! Tickets will be available during Comic Fiesta at a cost of RM15 each.

On Day 2, the maids and butlers of the cafe will be presenting a mini concert under the name: Kon Kon Festival! (note: kon kon is the sound a fox makes in Japanese). The Kon Kon Festival is a mini concert where performances and games will be played! All the performances will be performed by the Maids and Butlers of La Petite Fox.

There will also prizes to be won for the games! All in all, two types of tickets will be sold during Comic Fiesta on a first come first served basis! Tickets for VIP seats will cost RM30 and tickets for normal seats at RM25. Both VIP seat and normal ticket holders will be eligible for snacks and free flow drinks during the event. VIP seat holders will get the best seats in the house as well as an additional light stick!


“Be sure and come visit La Petite Fox at Hall 1 during Comic Fiesta! We will be waiting for you!” -The La Petite Fox Team

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/lapetitefoxcf

Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/806786289461567/

P.S. A little reminder from the foxes – for a better experience, the customers are encouraged to abide by the rules and regulations of the cafe. (For the rules and regulations, click here; For the doki doki check list, click here)

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