Pokémon Sun and Moon Launch Event: Day 1 & 2

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A few weeks ago, one of the most popular franchises introduced a new generation to their games, Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. This was one of those moments Pokémon fans like me get crazily excited for. To make things even better, a launch party was held in conjunction with the release of these new games to gather all of the Pokémon fans, both new and old to have fun together for this awesome moment.

Similarly to Cosplay Corner 2016 held a few months back, the event was also held in KDU Damansara Jaya Campus. I personally like this place as it is spacious and perfect for small to moderately sized events, despite the place being slightly hard to reach using public transport and lacking parking space.


The Point System Booklet where you complete some simple task such as play a game of Pokken to earn points and win prizes.

Once you reach the event, all attendees are given a TCG (Trading Card Game) booster pack and a distribution code for Genesect, a legendary Pokémon. I felt really welcomed with these door gifts and I even thought to myself, these stuff are what really made the event worth attending.

Before we enter the hall, we were also given a “Point System Booklet” which is essentially a mini quest for the event to collect points and win cool Pokémon merchandises. These merchandise ranged from some simple key chains all the way to plushies and even the Pokémon Games itself, which are worth quite a lot. The activities are all pretty simple as well, like playing a game of Pokken, learn how to play TCG, challenge a staff to a VGC game or learn the VGC if you don’t know about it.

But that was only the beginning! Already feeling awesome before even entering the hall, I was even more pleased to see the number of other attendees that showed up for the event. It seems like there were more people attending this event compared to Cosplay Corner 2016. I was genuinely surprised and pleased to see so many people turn up. And honestly, I could see why. Walking around the hall, there was everything a Pokémon fan could ever wish for.


Look at the amount of people!


VGC is serious business


Some awesome quick fun with Pokken

A huge chunk of the hall was dedicated to the Pokémon VGC competition going on. Besides that, there were also 2 Wii Us to allow people to take turns to playing Pokken, just to have some quick fun.

How can we forget to mention about these hyped arcade machine hitting Malaysia? There were actually Pokémon Tretta machines at the event! There were 3 of these machines, and yet, the lines for it were really long. Once in a while, you could even hear people cheer out loud as someone successfully caught a rare Pokémon, making the whole scene hyped as heck!



Look at the queue just for Pokemon Tretta!

There was also one small section of the hall dedicated to TCG players. Attendees can just enjoy playing card games with their friends or even learn how to play if they have never tried Pokémon TCG before.


DESTINY DRAWWW!! Oh wait …. wrong series! XP

Of course, there were also many booths selling all kinds of merchandise ranging from Pokémon plushies and key chains, to typical anime stuff.


Look at them Pikachus !! >.<

Now, that basically sums up the whole hall experience. All of it were awesome and really brought the whole experience together. Now, onto the next thing on the menu that is the meat of the ACG event, the performances and stage events!

The stage events were pretty awesome to say the least. There was a healthy mix of awesome performances, cosplay, educational stuff and random shenanigans.


Over here, we have a Mindy Mica performing while cosplaying as Lusamine!

I personally enjoyed the performances as it was very light-hearted and upbeat. To make it even more awesome, the performers are performing while in cosplay, and that was actually pretty amazing.


The cosplay competition judges (From left: Ying Tze, Micho Teh and Cathrys Chin)

Next, the Pokémon cosplay competetion. It was a joy to see all these cosplayers flaunt their costume and show off their brilliance on stage. I especially enjoyed the Gijinka Cosplayers as they showed their creativity to represent their favourite Pokémon in a humanoid fashion.


Milly Ojiisan as Psyduck Gijinka

One of the more educational stage events was the VGC panel conducted by some of Malaysia’s best VGC players. There is a stigma about Pokémon that it is only meant for younger audiences and that teenagers shouldn’t be playing it, let alone adults.

Of course, I was guilty of this in the past as I thought Pokémon lacked any competitive element to it. Boy, was I wrong! The panel was held in hopes to educate more people about the VGC scene and hopefully get more people into it.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested about VGC, why not click here and find out more in this article written by Destiny Soo.


Let’s get down to business and talk about VGC! (Video Game Championships) (From Left: Aqlif, Destiny, Wilson, Jira, Wei Wen and Martin)

I know I brought this up already, but I have to talk about something and that is the cosplayers! I absolutely adore the cosplayers that turn up with their Pokémon themed cosplays, and I truly am surprised to see the number of cosplayers that actually turned up with a Pokémon themed cosplay. I used to think that there aren’t many Pokémon cosplayers. Clearly I was wrong.


Mochii as Togekiss Gijinka


Danial Horoshi as Gen 5 Pokemon Trainer

Seeing them cosplay Pokemon characters so passionately just increases my love for the franchise even more! Speaking of cosplays, how can I forget about the best cosplayer. Hands down, it was Pikachu!!!

This event was graced by the Pikachu mascot originally from Japan, and.. need we say more? It is adorable as hell, I just feel like hugging it! It looks so fluffeh!



All in all, the Pokémon Sun and Moon launch party was really awesome. It feels great to see such a huge turn out to a Pokémon launch party, it makes me feel great to be a part of these great fans that are so passionate about this 20 year old series.

I was even told that Pokémon Sun and Moon did so well that Impulse Gaming sold out all their Pokémon Sun and Moon copies on the first day. That is an amazing response from the community and I wish the community will only continue to grow bigger from here!

The response from the community so far has been amazing and I hope this will propel future events to be even bigger than this launch event. Maybe next time around, we can host a VGC internationals in Malaysia? 😀






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