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Columns Question Time with Eleven Tsuki!

Note: The slider art for this post was done by Allenisya.

Welcome back to Question Time with Eleven Tsuki! Where we answer random questions and you get to learn more about the team. Before we begin, we’d like to thank you all for the positive feedback towards the first one! (*≧▽≦) These things are really fun to work on, so we look forward to bringing you more. This time, we also have Chloe joining us, so please treat her well!

If you’d like to submit a question, please click here. Otherwise, let’s begin!

QTWET2 - 01

So do you guys have a particular guest you were proud to interview?

(Question from Terrierist)

Amos: This definitely goes to FLOW, but that was more of a press conference of sorts. But still I got to interview one of the well known anisong groups!! If it’s a one to one interview, I think I’ll say PUGOFFKA. She was just amazing, a mother, a cosplayer and a well known photographer at the same time!!

Aiman: There hasn’t been many interviews that I have personally done myself. Well… more like I have never done any personally besides helping the others in the background. But if I had to choose then it would have to be Onnies. She is the kind of person that you can’t help but to be cheerful around, or laugh with.

Hayley : Hmmmm, for me, I haven’t interviewed a lot of people yet, but I was really happy for the chance of interviewing my high school senior, Plasticbag. It was great to finally be able to interview her as I’ve always admired her personality and how open she was!

Joon-Keat: For me it would be the one with FAST (Force Art Stunt Team), I felt real at home when interviewing them mainly because I am also a Star Wars fan myself asking questions and understanding them was so easy. They are very cool people and it was honestly interesting to ask about what really is their team all about. It was truly a great experience.

Asyraf: Since I’m kinda new in Eleven Tsuki, I have not done any interviews by myself yet. I’ve  only been the back-up guy that helps around while the other person in the team interviews the guests. As far as I’m being (somehow) part of the interviews, the one that I enjoyed the most was Onnies. With her super cheerful personality, she really lit up the atmosphere of the interview!

Nat: Now that I think about it, Jane and I have interviewed a lot of people since we’ve started Eleven Tsuki. Hm, I think the one I’m the most proud of is Zwei during Animangaki 2015. Mainly because it was our first time interviewing an international band, but also because I love their music; especially the OP they did for Robotics; Notes. You should have seen me freaking out when they performed it live, hahaha. Close second is probably the joint interview with Reika, Shimo and Jin during Comic Fiesta 2015. That was a fun one!!

Jane: I have interviewed many people since the beginning of Eleven Tsuki, but I haven’t met most of them in person. Among those that I have actually met, I think it would be Yaki, who I interviewed during Animangaki 2015. She was really nice, and her cosplay projects were all so gorgeous. Her personality is also fun (in real life and also online), and I really respect her dedication towards cosplay – she started in 2001! As for those whom I interviewed through e-mail/Facebook, I’m most proud of interviewing Ying Tze – such skills and beauty! Still amazed by her creations every time.

Chloe: So far, I have only interviewed guests for the second time in an ACG event and I really enjoyed interviewing Inui-san and Kotori-san! Both of them are awesome people and I really look up to them. It was by far the best experience! Kotori-san was really friendly, spontaneous and Inui-san was really generous in sharing his knowledge as well as experiences. On a side note, I was really happy to be able to communicate with both of them!


QTWET2 - 02

Favourite anime soundtrack?

Amos: This is a pretty tough choice, there are too many good soundtracks out there. If it is an opening, I’ll say it’s Shingeki No Kyojin’s first opening, just because it successfully captures the atmosphere of the series so perfectly with just its opening. Best ending would go to Kekkai Sensen’s ending, and the reasoning is .. uhmmmmm cause that ending is fun? I mean, the ending is so fun and enjoyable to listen to and watch. The best soundtrack would go to “keep on keeping on” from Aldnoah.Zero. That song is perfect in the anime’s context and even without the anime’s context, it sounds just as inspiring and downright awesome.

Hayley: OH MY GOSH IT IS TIED BETWEEN NARUTO ED 33 AND ONE PIECE OP 11. Naruto ED 33 (Kotoba no Iranai Yakusoku) is produced by Honeyworks, one of my favourite team of composers in the industry and One Piece OP 11 (Share the world) is sung by my favourite band since I was 7 (THSK). I KNOW THE ALL THE LYRICS TO BOTH SONGS BY HEART.

Aiman: Here is a question that I wish I could skip. I am a sucker for good OSTs and I can’t really decide which anime that I have watched that had the most outstanding OST between them. What would a series be without music to help set the mood and tone? A good soundtrack allows us viewers to imagine the scenery and unconsciously associate it with the music, regardless whether it’s cheerful, dramatic or even heartfelt. Lasting impressions say a lot, plus it has to sound good too. So in the end my favourites so far are Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, Aldnoah Zero, Shingeki no Kyojin, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, Star Diver and also Psycho-Pass.  Before I completely forgot let’s throw in the whole Macross series soundtrack while I’m at it, cause love triangles in space with epic songstresses are always good.

Joon-Keat: Favorite anime soundtrack would be 2 tracks from the anime Zankyou no Terror. More specifically, “crystalized” and also “bless”. I don’t mind the lack of any actual understandable lyrics but the melody and tune just really gets me everytime.  

Asyraf: Needless to say, Aldnoah.Zero and Guilty Crown has one of the best god-tier OSTs. Other notable series with nice OSTs are: Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, Kiseijuu, Shingeki no Kyojin, and Sword Art Online. I can’t say much on why they are nice, they just fit really well with the series.

Nat: Recently, I’ve become addicted to the OSTs for Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, Hibike! Euphonium, Psycho-Pass and Kiseijuu. They all reflect the atmospheres of their respective series so well! (And they make good mood music for studying/writing hehe.) I also have a collection of OPs from Haikyuu!!, Tokyo Ghoul, Free! etc. Honestly, the list just keeps growing with every passing anime season.

Jane: I personally really like the OST from Kimi to Boku (such an underrated series, I love it!), as well as the Kyoukai no Kanata OST. Aside from the theme songs, their BGMs were all pretty well composed – I used some for my own personal video projects too, heh. But then again, the unbeatable champion will always be Studio Ghibli movies – Howl’s Moving Castle’s OST is my top pick.

Chloe: Hmm….if I have to choose a favourite anime soundtrack, I would choose the OST for Uta no Prince Sama, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, Dance With Devils as well as K series. All three series have wonderful OSTs. They invoke emotions when the viewers listen to them and they are also well composed.


QTWET2 - 03

Best and worst anime genres?

Amos: Best anime genre goes to Psychological. I love me some anime that makes you think deeper about whatever the anime is about. It could be about something like justice or even life and death. Animes that I love a lot that fits in this category are Psycho-Pass, Mirai Nikki and Death Parade. Worst anime genre….. sadly to say, I will have to present it to the Ecchi category. I mean it’s all fun and games until we are looked down upon, which is exactly what’s going on now. To clarify myself, I have nothing against Ecchi as a genre, I just don’t like the fans wearing T- shirt that shows the “booty” and running around being obnoxiously “loving” to your waifu.

Hayley: I don’t really like or hate any specific genre (except maybe Mecha. Have no idea why I can’t stand it). As long as the content of the anime is good and enjoyable then it’s all good to me.

Aiman: Well I gotta say that I have never hated any genres in particular. But I do tend to watch animes with a Music tag and also avoid genres with a Tragedy tag if I could. Cause seriously, only a masochist would love to see a sad or bad ending. And I totally forgot that I watched Romeo x Juliet and Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso didn’t I?

Joon-Keat: Best genre goes to Psychological, mostly because of all those sick comebacks and epic mind games which has got me to love this genre. Worst genre or preferably I would generally avoid goes to Sports. Ironic actually because I would consider myself a very sports eccentric person. To be honest I don’t really like it because some shows (“not pointing fingers”) include the aspect of magic and powers into sports and it really make me cringe. Especially when they yell out the name of their special move, the cringe factor increased by 10 and it makes 0 SENSE!

Asyraf: Romance genre all the way yoooooo~ Followed by Mecha and Slice of Life. I’m generally fine with any other genre tags, but I personally dislike those series with heavy emphasis on Despair or Tragedy, my kokoro can’t handle those two well.

Nat: Best genre for me is Psychological, hands down (with Music coming in close second). I like a story that digs into deeper issues and challenges me to keep up with it (the darker, the better!). I don’t think there is enough animation out there that does that. Worse genre, I’d have to say, would be Harem/Reverse Harem. I used to watch it a lot, and I still do sometimes, but I no longer have tolerance for cliched Harem plots. It’s just annoying. But of course, there are always some exceptions, like Saekano, that make me think twice.

Jane: The best and worst are both Sports. It’s the best because it can get so corny yet inspiring at the same time, which I really like, but it can also get so ridiculously stupid when they start defying all rules of physics and chemistry and whatnot. Probably why I always watch a series despite criticizing it a lot while I do so. Then again, sports animes usually have hot guys (depending on the art style), so it’s mostly good. Music would be the runner-up – music as in band/orchestra/choir that kind of music, not like, idols and stuff (not judging you Love Live! fans, just not my cuppa).  

Chloe: Similar to Hayley, I do not have a particular favourite genre I hate, but I really like Otome, Shoujo, Fantasy and Romance. Though, I am not so comfortable with Ecchi, Yaoi, Yuri and Horror.


QTWET2 - 04

Which anime/manga always makes you cry, without fail?

Amos: I haz heartz of steelz, but I guess it would be Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, both the starting portion with the tragic cases and death of character. The ending portion with the final fight is also very beautiful and brings manly tears down my face.

Hayley: For anime I cried a lot at Clannad, like a lot.  But I cried more watching the Grave of Fireflies movie. That film has too much feels for me to handle. For manga, Orange by Takano Ichigo hit at all the right places. Man, that manga is really good.

Aiman: As a guy, I rarely do cry unless I have sincerely fallen in love with the character itself or that the music that was played alongside such particular scenes perfectly matched the occasion. And animes/mangas that have perfectly made me cry every time, has gotta be Angel Beats! The animation, the soundtrack, the characters! Despite the fact that it was rushed overall, the combination of these three had made me cry tears whenever I watch this anime. It is also worth to mention that Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi had also made me cry during my first watch as well.

Joon-Keat: Deadman Wonderland made me cry and still will. Watching AnoHana made me cry and it still will, reading Binbougami ga! made me cry and it still will, and the list goes on and on and on. These tear ducts are sensitive sometimes and it gets easily irritated. FML

Asyraf: Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. First and foremost, allow me to just clarify that I’m quite a softhearted person despite my appearance. I lost count on how many times I’ve cried just from watching the entire series once. I can bet that I’d definitely teared up again if I rewatch the series. Other series that I’ve cried to was Angel Beats! and ef: A Tale of Memories. As for cry-inducing movies; Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo, which also known as The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.

Nat: It’s stupid, I fall for their traps every time! Angel Beats, Clannad After Story, AnoHana all made me cry because they contained themes about death. But there are some other series that have made me cry just because I could relate to the characters. Like recently when I was reading Kimi ni Todoke, watching Hibike! Euphonium, and even Haikyuu!!. I have many feelings, okay? *sobs*

Jane: ANGEL BEATS. There’s that one specific episode that never, ever fails to make me start tearing up and sobbing. Episode 10: Goodbye Days. [Spoiler alert] It’s the episode where Yui “disappears” – leaving Hinata behind omg TT [Spoiler end] And they had to make such a sad song – which is also one of my favorites.

Chloe: Definitely Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (T^T) needless to say. No matter how many times I watched it, I will cry for sure. Oh and AnoHana, especially when the all mighty song was played.


QTWET2 - 05

Do you think you’ll ever stop watching anime/reading manga?

Amos: I don’t think so, I mean there’s always something out there for everyone no matter your age. For young and old, everyone can find themselves enjoying anime made for that age group. I would also like to add that I’ve been watching anime and reading manga since my primary school days and I’m still enjoying it! 


Aiman: Will bees ever stop harvesting pollen from flowers to make honey? Of course I will not stop watching them. Anime and manga is a source of entertainment. The fact that I have already abandoned watching any TV series such as Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead speaks in volumes itself. I haven’t touched a TV in particular ever since I got a computer. With anime and manga being easily accessible on the internet, I doubt that I will ever get bored of it. But it also means that I will forever be distracted and procrastinate whenever I’m on the internet.

Joon-Keat: I do take long breaks between series or busy times and don’t even touch anime/manga but i highly doubt  I would ever stop watching anime and manga permanently because of how much fun it actually is. Definitely met a lot of new friends with anime/manga and learnt a lot of new stuff, like how come harem is so bad, cough* school days *cough*.  

Asyraf: Hell no. Never. Anime is somehow already part of my life. It made me who i am right now. Heck, even if I already have grandchildren, I’d still watch it. If there’s any way that I could contribute to help the anime industry stay alive, I would gladly do so. But, not now I guess, I can’t afford to pay for every single anime that I want to watch xD.

Nat: I really don’t think so. There’s nothing I can think of that would replace what animation means to me, especially Japanese anime (and manga!). It’s ability to transcend reality, explore themes that range from child-like to nightmare fuel, and that art style! It’s honestly a huge inspiration to me, and I seldom get that same rush from anything else.

Jane: As someone who literally grew up watching anime and reading mangas, I don’t think I will be able to stop watching anime/reading manga, because it has been one of the biggest part of my life since I was a child. While there will always be times where I feel uninterested in anime/manga, I will eventually get back to it after a while.  

Chloe: Nope. Anime has been part of my life now so losing it would mean losing a part of my life all together, especially not being able to watch my favourite series.


The slider art for this post was drawn by Allenisya! She is a full-time animator, part-time Pokemon trainer, who eats anime and paints in her sleep. She has described her style as “painting traditionally on a digital canvas”, which – for those who are familiar with digital art – means that she usually paints on one layer. She is currently working on the Ejen Ali series which will air on TV3 in April 2016!

Check out her Facebook and Official Website!

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If you are an artist, or have any artist friends who might be interested in being a part of our next Question Time, email us at and we’ll send you the details! 

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