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Here at Eleven Tsuki, the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention (STGCC) has a backlog. Every year, without fail, this prestigious event will make it onto our ‘conventions wishlist’ for the following reasons.



Its wide array of special guests from both the East and the West, most of which we never get the chance to meet during our Malaysian conventions.


(1) Koyama Shigeto (2) Animenz (3) Sadamoto Yoshiyuki (4) Adam Hughes (5) TAMUSI // (c) Singapore Toy Game & Comic Convention STGCC 2015 (c) 2006 TKFP (c) BONES – Star Driver The Movie Committee

This year they’ve got an incredibly exciting line-up, including one of the concept designers for Big Hero 6, Koyama Shigeto, and one of the character designers/artists that worked on The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Sadamoto Yoshiyuki!

The other people whom have not made appearances in Malaysia ever (or recently) are Adam Hughes, a professional illustrator whom has worked with Warner Bros. Pictures, DC Comics and Marvel (talk about the holy trinity), and TAMUSIC, whom is apparently known for his 100% impromptu renditions of anime, Vocaloid and Touhou soundtracks!



The event’s organisers, Reed Exhibitions, whom are the people behind some of the most noteworthy conventions in the world. New York Comic Con, Pax and Bookcon, just to name a few.


(c) Singapore Toy Game & Comic Convention STGCC 2015

Although Reed Exhibitions has never come to Malaysia, it has been to almost everywhere else, with over 500 events in 43 countries. In just last year, bringing together over seven million event participants from around the world and generating billions of dollars in business.

For those of us complaining about bad event management, this is kind of the dream team.



Its relatively close proximity (howdy, neighbours!)

This year, the exact location of STGCC 2015 is in Marina Bay Sands, Sands Expo and Convention Center, Level 1, Halls B and C. While Singapore has always been a bit pricey for us Malaysians, it’s undoubtedly the closest country for us to commute to, that also happens to host a ton of exciting conventions.



However, while it has been on our list every year, we have an unfortunately history of not being able to attend the actual convention because of logistics issues. The good news? Not everyone has to suffer our same fate!

If you’re free on the 12th and 13th September 2015, the tickets are SGD19 for one day admission, and SGD28 for two days. That’s approximately RM56 and RM83 respectively, which I think is more affordable than some other conventions which can go up to RM100++ per day.

More details on ticketing is available here.

More details on the events and guests is available here.

We hope some of you will be able to make it and fulfill our dreams on your behalf. Don’t forget to share your photos with us if you do!



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