Sora no Method (Celestial Method)


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Note: The following review was written a long time ago, before our migration to WordPress and when our reviewing skills were still noob-level. Apologies.  


Genres: Fantasy, Slice of Life, Drama
Number of episodes: 13


“In the skies above this town, a disc is always there.” The story begins one winter day when the wishes of five children were realised with a miracle – the appearance of a saucer – which changed the town forever. The five were then torn apart when one of them moves away to Tokyo. Seven years later, Nonoka Komiya moves back into town without a single memory of her times with the other four, or about the saucer.

Main Characters:
From left: Yuzuki Mizusaka, Nonoka Komiya, Koharu Shiihara, Shione Togawa
Souta Mizusaka

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 moons




Story –  6.5/10

Characters – 6/10

Visuals + Audio – 9/10



Having been the person who reviewed both Nagi no Asukara and Glasslip for this blog, I could immediately tell when I had another one of these types coming my way. Even though it doesn’t focus on romantic drama at all, instead focusing on friendship drama, these three anime all have the same melancholic feel to it as well as the addition of some kind of fantasy element. In this case, it’s the saucer.

The saucer is actually one of my annoyances towards Sora no Method. Even though it’s obviously the focal point of the anime, there is a surprisingly little amount of time dedicated to it. Instead, they dragged on the friendship drama until it reached a point where it just didn’t make any sense. If they had incorporated more of the fantasy element into the story (ie. more explanations about how the saucer even got there, or what happened in detail after it arrived etc.), instead of treating it just as a decoration in the sky, I think that would have made the series more interesting.

Overall, the story is bland. In attempts to imitate a meaningful style of story telling (use of flashbacks, less dialogue to leave room for thinking), the anime has abandoned anything that would give its story some colour. The story line is cliched, too many moments where they were obviously trying to create an emotional reaction from viewers, but weren’t very effective because of weak reasoning and probably also bad writing. The dialogue is quite badly written and boring for me to read. The whole planning of the story was also too draggy. The events that transpired weren’t particularly exciting and when the climax of the story eventually came I was already too numb to even feel excitement for it.

By now, you should gather that this anime is sub-par. Story-wise, it is just too weak to be any good. Funny thing is, I had the complete opposite feel towards the anime in the beginning because the visuals held so much potential. In fact, the visuals are actually quite a high standard. Everything is beautiful to look at, and the character design is super cute. Even though the audio doesn’t match up to its visuals, it’s still quite a decent soundtrack.

If I am not so harsh with my review, I could even say that the overall anime is quite a good watch. Yet, having sat through more than half of the episodes, I can’t help but voice my frustrations about the series. While it may seem like not a bad anime in the beginning, the flatness of the story line gets to you eventually. At this point, the only way it may redeem itself is if the ending turns out to be completely mind-blowing. But still, a good anime should – above all – be consistent. Hence, you can give this anime a try, but don’t keep your hopes too high.

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