Stand by Me Doraemon

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Adapted from a manga series of the same title
Winner of the 27th Nikkan Sports Awards, 18th Japan Media Festival – Animation, Lumiere Japan Awards Grand Prix, and 38th Japan Academy Prize – Outstanding Animation
Produced by: Fujiko Professional, Shirogumi, Toho Company, Shin-Ei Animation, Robot
Genres: Comedy, Science Fiction, Shounen, Drama
Length: 95 minutes


Nobita is a young boy who cannot make a success of anything he does. One day, his great-great grandson, Sewashi, and a cat-shaped robot named Doraemon from the 22nd century appear before him. They tell him about his and his descendants’ burdensome future. To create a better one, Sewashi leaves Doraemon with Nobita to act as the latter’s tutor. Until happiness is achieved, Doraemon cannot return to the 22nd century. Despite Doraemon’s initial reluctance to stay on, he and Nobita gradually open up to one another and become close friends. However, will Doraemon’s efforts be enough to secure a happy future for Nobita? And if so, will he be able to return to the 22nd century?


Main Characters:

From left: Shizuka Minamoto, Doremon, Nobi Nobita
From left: Suneo Honekawa, Takeshi Gouda (Gian)


Overall Rating: 4/5 moons




Story – 8/10
Doraemon… now, that is a series that brings back many memories. My siblings and I used to wait in front of the television at 7pm sharp on Saturday evenings just to watch Doraemon, and somehow, I don’t think we were the only ones who did things like that. After all, Doraemon is undoubtedly one of Japan’s most iconic manga/anime and it has helped to shape the childhoods of many even after the death of its creator, Fujiko F Fujio. In fact, ‘Stand by Me Doraemon‘ was created to commerate Fujiko F.Fujio’s 80th birthday and is the first ever Doraemon film to be made in 3DCG.


The movie is loosely based one the first 7 volumes of the manga. It tells the origin of Doraemon and Nobita’s fateful meeting and how things progressed from there. I remember reading the first few volumes of Doraemon and although some minor details are left out, this movie did a pretty good job of retelling the story. The only major flaw is the pacing of it. In the beginning, the pacing was a bit slow, dragging the story line, then it began picking up speed like a high speed roller coaster (in a very bad way), making the story line rushed though still digestible.


After that, leading up to the climax, they slowed it down completely, which seems like they just wanted to extend the time of the movie. Even though that was frustrating at times, I still think the retelling is a great idea. It would have been perfect if only the pacing was better.


Character – 8.5/10
Other than that, I’m sure we’re all familiar with Nobita and the gang as characters, but in the movie, Nobita really stood out for me. Although Nobita is lazy, incapable, whinny, and what one would call a rather annoying and irritating character, he really grows throughout the movie. The relationship between Doreamon and Nobita is at first rocky and awkward but as the movie progress, they really form a connection that is unbreakable. Somewhere at the climax, [Spoiler alert] you would feel so sorry for Nobita when he tries to live without Doraemon by standing up to Giant which is like ‘RIGHT IN THE KOKORO’ / #RIGHT IN THE FEELS [Spoiler end]



Visuals + Audio – 9/10

As for the visuals, they were just amazing. They portrayed the characters really well. The CG really left me thinking about how much time and effort they spent on just one scene. Many people (including me) were worried about the idea of changing the traditional 2D hand drawn approach that was used to create almost all the Doreamon films/anime, but I guess we were worried for nothing. The characters movement’s and expressions were so smooth and fluid that it left me speechless. Also, the characters were so cutely designed too; just look at Shizuka! I’m definitely giving 2 big titan-like thumbs up for the visuals.


If that aspect wasn’t brilliant enough as it is, the audio is equally amazing. The soundtrack helps in a big way in enunciating the moments in the film. Not only that,  the seiyuus are really awesome too. Their voices really fit the characters perfectly and I think they did a good job with the overall feel of the soundtrack and the cast.



This movie is really touching especially if you grew up watching Doraemon. The CG, soundtrack and the cast is really something to look forward to. The only problem being the pacing of the story, which was slow at times. Other than that, the movie is a great watch, even as a standalone. However, it is the best for people who have watched Doraemon in the past because the nostalgic feeling is really what makes this movie so epic.


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